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Jason Scheer On Pac-12: ‘I Do Not Get The Impression That They Are Close To Signing A Deal’

Pac-12 presidents and athletic directors met on Tuesday in hopes of finally reaching a media rights deal, which has been eluding them for over a year at this point.

However, when they wrapped up the meeting on Tuesday afternoon, they did so without reaching an agreement.

The proposal, which was centered around an Apple streaming plan that included “incentivized tiers,” wasn’t exactly a homerun with Pac-12 administrators, leaving them no choice but to leave the negotiation table and mull over their options.


As Ross Dellenger reported, there is another meeting coming in the near future, but the details surrounding that meeting haven’t been released, nor is there any reason to believe that the conference is heading down the final stretch in this negotiation process turned marathon.

247Sports’ Jason Scheer, who has been tied in throughout this entire process, says that he doesn’t get the impression, even in the slightest, that the Pac-12 is close to signing a deal.

“I do not get the impression, at all, that they are close to signing a deal,” Scheer told 365Sports on Tuesday. “The thing is, if they were going to sign it, it would’ve been signed. Why would they wait? Why wouldn’t they verbally agree?


“We know that the Big 12 deal leaked. We know that the Big Ten deal leaked weeks before it was actually finalized. I’m confident in saying that if they came to some sort of verbal agreement today, we would know. If today’s meeting went well, we would know. Whether it’s an unnamed source or a Pac-12 representative, or whatever it be. They were very quick to talk after Colorado, with an unnamed Pac-12 representative and all of that. Not one Pac-12 person has said anything.

“Ross [Dellenger] has mentioned that there’s another meeting, but notice no one actually knows when that meeting is scheduled for. It feels like a delay tactic by George [Kliavkoff].”

Imagine that. Another delay tactic from the master procrastinator himself. If anything, George Klaivkoff has earned that title over the last 12 months. However, what he hasn’t earned is a media rights deal, nor will he, if you ask me.

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