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Look: Iowa State Collective Launches ‘We Will’ Cold Brew Coffee

Photo Credit: Northern Vessel

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen several team-branded beverages launched across the Big 12, which have been almost exclusively beers.

Iowa State is one of those teams, with the We Will Collective partnered with West O Beer to launch Ames Lager. Now, will it surpass the prestige that Busch Light has built around Ames, Iowa? That’s yet to be seen, but I wouldn’t bet my paycheck on it.

However, the We Will Collective is doubling down on the beverage game, but this time around they’re taking a different route.


The newest drink option for Iowa State fans will be perfect for those that aren’t ready to crack open a Busscccchhhh… at 9:00 a.m. The We Will Collective is partnering with Northern Vessel to launch “We Will” cold brew coffee.

“Northern Vessel and We Will Collective are proud to bring you the ultimate canned cold brew experience,” the Northern Vessel website reads.Northern Vessel¬†is a¬†coffee company based in downtown Des Moines, Iowa that strives to provide an exceptional coffee experience through quality of product, atmosphere, and service,” “We Will Collective¬†has a simple mission: to¬†support student-athletes that share our passion for the Cyclones and encourage them to be community-minded. A portion of proceeds go to the¬†We Will Collective.”

Personally, I’m not a cold brew kind of guy (nor am I one to open a beer at 9:00 a.m.) but giving Iowa State fans the option to kick off their Saturday mornings with a team-branded coffee.

While there’s no official launch date for We Will cold brew, it will be available this fall, according to the website.

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