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Nebraska AD on Expansion: ‘I Don’t Believe It’s Done’

While this offseason has been a particularly exciting time with conference realignment, one school’s athletic director believes it’s far from over.

According to a report from The ActionNetwork’s Brett McMurphy, Nebraska AD Trev Alberts spoke on realignment and the recent changes in college athletics mentioning that, “History is unkind to conferences that have not had the courage to expand.”


While Nebraska certainly isn’t going anywhere as a member of the Big 10, the program played a part in the development of realignment flurry over a decade ago when the program announced the decision to leave the Big 12 Conference.

Alberts continued his thoughts by mentioning the continuous cycle of realignment saying, “I don’t believe it’s done. It’s never been done. It’s more likely than not that there will be continued periods of angst. I believe that the next go-around, that’s my basic conclusion, will be far more disruptive than anything we’re currently engaged in. We need to prepare ourselves mentally for that.”

With multiple teams on the move over the next few seasons including the “Four corner” schools who accepted invites to join the Big 12, Oregon and Washington who agreed to leave the Pac-12 for the Big 10, and many other schools entertaining expansion conversations, college sports has quickly changed.

Plus, there have been conversations this week regarding ACC expansion, as the league entertains Cal, Stanford and SMU. It was reported that the league came up one vote short of adding the two Pac-12 schools earlier this week.


The Big 12 Conference welcomed in the additions of BYU, Cincinnati, UCF, and Houston back in July, and with four more schools set to join the league in 2024, it’s a safe bet to assume that realignment will continue to ramp up.

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