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Yahoo Sports Lists Cosmo Cougar as the Big 12’s Best Mascot

While the offseason is a great time to compare teams, coaches, players, and more, one list took that narrative to the next step by ranking the Big 12’s mascots from best to worst, following the addition of the Pac-12 schools.

While Cosmo Cougar is seemingly an untouchable mascot when it comes to backflips, line dancing, and jumping out of planes, the final list put Cosmo up against some stiff competition.


The list is headlined with Cosmo Cougar earning the title for the Big 12’s best mascot followed by the UCF Knights mascot Knightro (which is a super sweet name for a mascot). Two of the next mascots to show up on the list belong to that of the four corner schools with Arizona State’s Sparky and Utah’s Swoop.

The next few mascots to earn their spot come in the shape of some new and old mascots with Kansas’ Big Jay earning the No. 5 spot, followed by Colorado’s Chip holding the title for sixth. TCU’s SuperFrog and Iowa State’s Cy the Cardinal pop up in seventh in eighth before the first duo mascot makes an appearance.

Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat hold down the ninth spot on the list as the newlyweds make the transition to the Big 12 in 2024. Texas Tech’s Red Raider, Baylor’s Bruiser and Marigold, and Oklahoma State’s Pistol Pete round out the top 12 before the final four teams in the Big 12 hear their name called.

Houston’s Sasha, West Virginia’s Mountaineer, and Cincinnati’s Bearcat all barely scrapped by above the last spot as one of the most unique mascots in the Big 12 earned last place, in Kansas State’s Willie the Wildcat.

While I wholeheartedly disagree with the decision to rank Willie so low (completely disrespectful), Yahoo spoke their mind and gave a nod to BYU’s Cosmo Cougar as the league’s best mascot in the new Big 12.

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