The Most Popular American Football Teams Beyond U.S. Borders

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American football is the pinnacle of American sport. With around 400 million people worldwide tuning into the NFL, it’s the most popular and prestigious sport. However, how has the game traveled beyond US borders? 

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The Global Appeal of American Football

Over recent years, American football has witnessed a surge in international interest. American football has become a global phenomenon, with the NFL leading the charge. 

The NFL’s annual Super Bowl, watched annually by over 100 million people across the world, has evolved into a sporting and cultural spectacle, drawing fans from diverse corners of the globe and igniting a passion for this sport.

These days, American football leagues have sprouted in countries far and wide. From Canada’s longstanding Canadian Football League (CFL) to Mexico’s Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (LFA). Now, regardless of if you’re in the US or not, local people get the chance to participate in and watch this sport. 

The sport’s growth isn’t confined to North America alone though. Across Europe, leagues like the European League of Football (ELF) have formed, offering European players and fans an opportunity to play or watch the sport at a high level. 

These newer leagues are bridging the gap between American football’s roots and its international fanbase, making the game more accessible to people around the world. But, who are the most popular teams near you?

Top American Football Teams Outside the U.S.

The Toronto Argonauts (Canada)

The Toronto Argonauts, affectionately known as the “Boatmen,” stand as a forefront team of the rich heritage by Canadian football’s history. Founded in the annals of 1873, they claim their place as one of the most time-honored professional sports teams in North America. The Argonauts lay claim to a fabled legacy, proudly holding 17 Grey Cup championships, an unrivaled feat in the CFL.

Their significance reverberates far beyond the confines of their on-field triumphs. They have curated a congregation of supporters that floods Toronto’s hallowed BMO Field, with around 12,000 people coming to watch their games. 

Caudillos de Chihuahua (Mexico)

Mexico harbors it’s American football popularity in the most popular team the Caudillos. While soccer asserts its unassailable hegemony over the Mexican sporting world, American football has slowly etched a devoted niche in the local population. The formation of the Caudillos in 2019 precipitated a meteoric ascent within Mexico’s LFA. They actually won the most recent season in the LFA, scribbling their name into the history books. 

Draped in their blue-crimson kit, the Caudillos have stamped their name into the emblem of Mexican football. Their formidable team within the LFA have cemented their status as one of the predominent franchises within the league in just a short few years since their formation. 

The London Black Knights (United Kingdom)

In the UK, American football has been steadily gaining popularity, and teams like the London Blitz have played a significant role in this rise. The growth of this sport in the UK is quite evident, especially with events like the NFL’s London Games. The UK is also the part time home of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have resided in London since 2013 as part of the NFL’s international series. 

London Blitz have been making remarkable progress within the British American Football scene. They represent the increasing fondness for this sport among both British athletes and fans since their formation in 1984. Their presence has not only boosted the development of talent but has also fostered young players through grass root shemes with their youth academy. 

The Tokyo Gas Creators (Japan)

Japan’s fascination with American football is truly remarkable, as seen in the enthusiasm for teams like the Tokyo Gas Creators who are part of the X-league. American football made its debut in Japan back in the early 1930s and has since grown into a thriving sport. Japan is actually one of the most popular American football countries in the world. 

The Tokyo Gas Creators, established in 1941, boast a rich history within the Japanese American football community. They have consistently performed at a high level in Japanese leagues and have garnered a strong fan base with around 30,000 people coming to watch them on average.

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