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Oklahoma State Fan Claims That Team Will Quit After Saturday’s Game

If you are a college football fan, chances are you’ve been on, or at least seen a message board. When subscribing to a site where team insiders give inside information on the daily comings and goings of a team, it can be a great place to pick up information that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

However, it’s also a breeding ground for hot takes, verbal confrontations, and downright idiotic statements from folks who haven’t seen the sun in several days.

Now, maybe they come by it naturally, but you can usually see those guys coming from a mile away, as they are typically repeat offenders. But, every once in a while, something will be said and it catches fire. Before you know it, Message Board Geniuses has gotten ahold of it on Twitter, and your fan base is the butt end of a joke for a little while.


Unfortunately for Oklahoma State fans, this is one of those instances. As if the 33-7 loss to South Alabama wasn’t bad enough, oam1995 had to go and get involved.

“Word is we are going to see a massive exodus of contributors after the lowa state game,” oam1995 says. “They are going to quit and then enter the portal when it opens. We might not have a starting 22 in two weeks. This is not an exaggeration. From what I know it’s happening. It’s why Gundy is acting the way he’s acting. He’s getting ready to have a built in excuse that he will absolutely blame on the players and their greed.

“I was right on [Spencer] Sanders and [Jabbar] Muhammad. I’m right on this. This ship is sunk. It has nothing to do with OAN or that nonsense. These kids were in junior high when that went down and were totally messed up with the COVID restrictions.

“It has everything to do with NIL money and making sure the parents/handlers are taken care of. We don’t do that. At all. Not even a little. They will go where they will be taken care of.”


If you weren’t able to decipher what our friend here is trying to say, they appear to be claiming that several Oklahoma State players are going to leave the program after the Iowa State game on Saturday. In fact, so many of them are leaving that the Pokes, “might not have a starting 22 in two weeks.”

Well, oan1995, if this ends up coming true I’ll have to give you credit for the story. If I’m being honest though, I’m not sure that ending up on the Message Board Genius account gives me a lot of confidence in your ability to prognosticate.

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