Tillery’s Trends: Runaway Opossums, Basketball Season, and More!

Everyone loves a good trend, and while I may not speak for everyone in the wide world of college sports, I do have the opportunity on Heartland College Sports to discuss some interesting trends revolving around the Big 12 Conference and what’s coming up in the near future.

With this being the sixth iteration of Tillery’s Trends, I plan to discuss players, coaches, teams, betting lines, top stories, and anything else that stands out about the world of college sports.

On the menu for today, we take a look at the viral opossum from Texas Tech vs. TCU, basketball season being just around the corner, and Oklahoma State running back Ollie Gordon’s pursuit of the Heisman Trophy. Enjoy!



In case you missed out on the viral video of an opossum sneaking his way onto the field in Lubbock during the Red Raiders’ Week 10 win over TCU, I’ll sum it up for you in just one word, iconic.

While animals taking the field of play seem to influence a multitude of reactions from college football fans around the world, the little opossum that could made an incredible appearance in the spotlight on Thursday night.

While the little guy took the field in hot pursuit of one of the many tortillas thrown on the field at kickoff, as he was escorted out of the stadium, the millions of fan reactions had already started to pile in.

Texas Tech went on to loosely adopt the animal as their honorary mascot for the evening as the Red Raiders were thrown into the spotlight for something completely unrelated to football.

It may not make sense to everyone, but on Tillery’s Trends, it makes perfect sense. Texas Tech’s opossum friend is more than deserving of the top trend.



Can you feel it?

What a time to be alive ladies and gentlemen! Meaningful football in the month of November, basketball season is around the corner, and we now find ourselves in one of the most important weeks of the college football season, specifically in the Big 12.

Week 10 has some of the biggest matchups of the year for the Big 12 Conference with a five-way tie for first place in the conference between Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, and Iowa State. Kansas State and Texas play, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State play, and Iowa State squares off with Kansas who is in hot pursuit of their own path to Arlington.

While it’s easy to fall into the cycle of amazing football games, it’s also important to remember that basketball season tips off on Monday, November 6th, with the Kansas State Wildcats taking on the USC Trojans in Las Vegas on TNT.

The Big 12 Conference has been the best basketball conference in the league for years now and will continue to do so following the loss of Oklahoma and Texas, but with a new cast of teams joining the league paired with the rivalries of old, I’m starting my list of what I’m thankful for this year a few weeks early.

While there isn’t any snow on the ground and I don’t hear Andy Williams’ music playing yet, the Big 12 Conference continues to remind fans that it is the most wonderful time of the year on a weekly basis.



Some say Oklahoma State running back Ollie Gordon is like a Chia Pet because his abilities never stop growing, I say he’s a legitimate contender for the Heisman Trophy.

Ollie Gordon’s stats are straight out of a video game this season. Don’t believe me? Let me list his last five outings of the 2023 season.

@ Iowa State, 18 carries for 121 yards.

vs. Kansas State, 21 carries for 136 yards and a score.

vs. Kansas, 29 carries for 168 yards, six catches for 116 yards, and two total TDs.

@ West Virginia, 29 carries for 282 yards and four rushing touchdowns.

vs. Cincinnati, 25 carries for 271 yards and two rushing touchdowns.

This dude is next level and not only is he the best player in the Big 12 Conference, but he also deserves to have his name mentioned as a Heisman finalist if he can keep up this rate.

The Cowboys showed love to the best running back in football on social media by highlighting Gordon’s historic season which prompted the Texas native to chime in and thank his offensive line.

Big game Ollie continues to show up and that is one trend I fully expect to continue.

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