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Big 12 Women’s Basketball Power Rankings for Week 1

Vic Schaefer.

The Big 12 women’s basketball season is now a week old and we already have some separation between the top and the bottom of the standings.

With 14 teams in the league now, we present our first Big 12 women’s basketball power rankings for the 2023-24 season.  


This early in the season, feel free to take these with as few grains of salt as you like. Separation will come as we get closer to Big 12 play in late December.

1. Oklahoma (3-0)

2. Texas (2-0)

I have no issues with these two teams at the top for right now. The Sooners scored the biggest win of the week, besting ranked Ole Miss on the road. Then they dominated Oral Roberts on Sunday and Peyton Verhulst blew up and scored 32 points. Texas did what Texas should have done against a couple of cupcakes — win and win big. I could see the Longhorns being undefeated going into their huge matchup with UConn on Dec. 3.

3. Kansas State (2-0)

4. Baylor (1-0)

5. West Virginia (2-0)

6. Kansas (1-0)

7. TCU (3-0)

8. Texas Tech (2-0)

9. BYU (2-0)

10. Houston (1-0)

11. UCF (1-0)


What to make of this group? Everyone has at least one win and no losses. But no one really played anyone. So, what really happened with this group is they did what they were supposed to do, which was beat the teams they were supposed to beat. It’s all margins right now until we get more games.

12. Oklahoma State (2-1)

Right now, wins and losses are clear dividing lines. The Cowgirls were a quarter away from beating Colorado on Sunday, which upset defending national champion LSU on Monday. Give the Cowgirls credit for taking the challenge against a ranked team (and future Big 12 rival). They’re like Kansas State on the men’s side. They absorbed a blow against a quality team in Week 1 and should move up these rankings as we get more data on the other teams.

13. Iowa State (1-1)

14. Cincinnati (0-1)

We’re not used to seeing Iowa State here. But this is a nearly brand-new team and Emily Ryan is out with an injury. So the Cyclones are working through some things. Cincinnati got one game against Louisville and lost. I don’t envy the fact that the Bearcats had to spend nine days stewing about that loss. Especially for whoever plays them next.

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