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TCU vs. Baylor: The Revivalry That Was Ruined By Change

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor

Have you ever heard that old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”? In the world of college football, I feel like some of the decision-makers need to be reminded of that classic line.

It’s no secret that the landscape of the sport has changed drastically just over the last year alone. Conferences are no longer regional and historic rivalries are dying off due to schools being on the move.

The reason why so many of us love this sport is because of those classic rivalry games. They stick with us for better or for worse and it’s a shame that money and greed have gotten in the way of protecting these historic games. Simply put, the pageantry, traditions, and rivalries are what make college football so special.


While some of the games are going away, we are still fortunate to have a few of them left. Just take a look at the Big 12. Of course, the Red River Rivalry game will be covered in SEC logos next season, but believe it or not, the conference will have the longest-standing rivalry in the state of Texas between TCU and Baylor.

The TCU-Baylor rivalry otherwise known as “The Revivalry” started all the way back in 1899 and ended with a 0-0 tie. And while these two schools haven’t played every year, this year will be the 119th meeting between them.

Nobody knows when this rivalry got the nickname “The Revivalry” but it stuck. In fact, ever since I can remember that is what it has been called. Well, just like everything else in this sport, some things eventually change.


On Monday, TCU and Baylor announced that the game between the two schools will now be known as the “Bluebonnet Battle.” The name was given by the student governments for TCU and Baylor. It was also announced that there would be a trophy for this game as well.

Do I need to say anything more here? Just look at this ugly thing. It looks like a junior high arts and crafts project that went wrong. Even as a fellow Texan, this thing is hideous. Don’t get me wrong, bluebonnets in the spring here are beautiful but in no way, shape, or form will I think about the TCU/Baylor game the next time I see one. And is anyone smiling on this call about the name change?


Even Baylor women’s basketball coach didn’t seem on board with the new name either.

And don’t fall for all the fake Instagram comments either.

I don’t know whose bright idea it was to change the name. You simply don’t change the name of a rivalry game that has been going on for over a century. It baffles me that someone sat there and thought to themselves “You know what would be great? If we changed the TCU/Baylor rivalry game name from the Revivalry to the Bluebonnet Battle.” Did someone shake up a magic eight-ball or something for this name change?

Everything is wrong with this. The name sucks, the trophy is ugly, and I don’t see how people are willing to get behind and support this change. It’s already bad enough that the Big 12 is going away with Farmageddon and now I have to sit here and watch these morons change the name of the TCU/Baylor game. You can call it whatever the hell you want to, but I will ALWAYS refer to this game as “The Revivalry.” I said it once and I will say it again. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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