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2023 Pop-Tarts Bowl Will Feature First Ever Edible Mascot

The sport of college football is absolutely incredible. One aspect of the game that represents that fact is the many different decorated bowl games available for teams across the nation to compete in.

While teams have focused on playing in the Cheez-It’s Bowl in recent years, celebrating wins by downing boxes of the cheesy snack, this year’s bowl game was rebranded to the Pop-Tarts Bowl which features the first-ever edible mascot.


While a Pop-Tarts main purpose in life is to be enjoyed by all, winners of the 2023 Pop-Tarts Bowl will have an opportunity, unlike any other Pop-Tart enthusiast in the world.

The team that finishes off the 2023 Pop-Tarts Bowl with a victory will earn the chance to celebrate their win by sinking their teeth into a giant pastry Pop-Tarts mascot.

While announcements on participants for each bowl game have yet to be announced, we here at Heartland College Sports expect one Big 12 team to square off in the Pop-Tarts Bowl with a chance to claim one of the most unique prizes in the history of college football.

While the top team in the Big 12 Conference will likely play in a New Year’s Six bowl game, we believe that Mike Gundy and the Oklahoma State Cowboys will have a chance to chow down on the giant Pop-Tart after taking down Notre Dame.

Bowl season is officially here, and it is more incredible than ever.

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