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Texas Players Try Finding Motivation in Mike Gundy’s Uncontroversial Comments

While Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy has been known to throw some legendary comments into microphones over the years, his recent comments struck a nerve with members of the Texas Longhorns despite being relatively normal.

Texas defensive lineman Byron Murphy II took offense to Gundy’s recent comments about slowing down the combination of Murphy and Sweat which prompted Murphy to respond on social media to Gundy’s comments with the caption, “11 am.”


While I’m no social media guru or anything, the comments from Gundy about slowing down Texas’ defensive line sound relatively uncontroversial. While the Longhorns have attempted to adopt the mantra of, “embracing the hate” in their final season of Big 12 play, this situation reads as one where the Longhorns are simply manufacturing their own hate.

Gundy was asked for his thoughts on dealing with Sweat and Murphy and responded by saying, “Well, we can double them some and let the widest guy go and try to make the tackle. And we can do what we’ve done the last 15 years, which is block them.”

He then followed up his original statement by complimenting Texas’ continued domination from the defensive line position saying, “They are this way all the time. When I first started playing them 20 years ago when Mack Brown was the head coach, they were top 5 in the country every year. They got good players. I got a lot of respect for them.”

Despite Murphy’s attempt at adding some extra motivation for the Texas defensive line, the Longhorns are favored by 14.5 points against Mike Gundy’s squad. The 2023 Big 12 Championship game kicks off on Saturday, December 2nd at 11 AM CT in Arlington, live on ABC.

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