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Fact or Fiction: Neal Brown Snubbed, Issues at K-State, Newcomer Wins Big 12 in 2024

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas

Welcome to Fact or Fiction Friday. Each Friday, I give our Facebook fans an opportunity to ask the most intriguing questions in the Big 12 Conference, and I will tell you whether they come true or if they are set to fail. Let’s crack it open and see what we have in store this week.

Neal Brown Should Have Been the Big 12 Coach of the Year

Fiction: I will be the first to admit, I voted for Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy. The Cowboys were picked to finish seventh in the conference back at media days and here they are one win away from a Big 12 championship. My second option was West Virginia’s Neal Brown. The Mountaineers were picked to finish dead last in the Big 12 and won eight games. If not for Oklahoma State’s great season, Neal Brown would have been my first choice.


A 2024 Newcomer Will Win the Conference Next Season

Fiction: I just don’t know enough about these four new teams yet to crown one as my favorite to win the Big 12 next season. Utah and Arizona will certainly be teams to keep an eye on (along with Colorado of course) but are they the cream of the crop on the conference in 2024? I am not so sure, but I will get back with you in a couple months.  

Texas Gets into the Playoff

Fact: While the playoff picture looks bleak for Texas, I just have a hard time seeing the committee leave out the Longhorns if they win a Big 12 title. Plus, their win over Alabama on the road was a huge resume boost. Louisville will knock off Florida State in the ACC championship game and that should open up a spot for Texas to sneak their way in on selection Sunday.


Big 12 Teams Will be Active in NIL and the Transfer Portal

Fact: If you are doing these things then you are way behind. One of my favorite movie lines of all time is from Moneyball. The part where Brad Pitt (who plays Billy Beane) says “Adapt or die.” That is exactly what college football is right now if you want to be relevant. If you don’t have NIL or use the transfer you are going to be left behind and if you ignore these things long enough, your school is going to have a tough time being competitive.  

Dana Holgerson Will Coach Again

Fact: Do I believe he will be a head coach? No, but someone will hire him as an offensive coordinator. It may not be a bad idea for a guy like Dana Holgorsen to go to Alabama to the Nick Saban coaching rehab clinic. If there was any place for Dana to get rejuvenated it would be in Tuscaloosa. That would be the best place for him to go if he wanted to be a head coach again somewhere else. If not, I don’t see him being anything more than a coordinator.


The Big 12 Will Get Two Teams into the Playoff Next Season

Fact: Just don’t ask me which two teams because I have no idea. I have been wanting an expanded playoff and it is finally going to happen next season. Without a doubt there will be at least one Big 12 team in the top 12, but I have a feeling we could see two schools make it. I just hope we don’t see four SEC teams in.

Kansas State Has Issue Behind Closed Doors

Fiction: People are going to make a fuss about some of their recent transfers but don’t hit the panic button just yet. Will Howard was a great quarterback and he just wanted to explore an opportunity somewhere else. You can live with that if you are a Kansas State fan especially when you have a guy like Avery Johnson just waiting. This team won a Big 12 title last season so let’s just pump the brakes on some of this nonsense.

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