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Ranking Every Big 12 Football Bowl Game for 2023

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Alabama vs Clemson

The regular season is in the books and congratulations to Texas for winning the Big 12 championship. It’s been a heck of a year for the conference so far and now we move on to bowl season. There are nine Big 12 bowl games, and I thought it would be fun to rank them from most interesting to least interesting.

Sugar Bowl (CFP Playoff)

#3 Texas vs #2 Washington

Well, Texas finally did it. After years of being overhyped and overrated the Longhorns finally backed it up on the field by winning a Big 12 championship and earning themselves a spot in the college football playoff. Texas is an extremely balanced football team and one of the best Big 12 teams I have seen since covering this conference for the last eight years. Now they will face their toughest test yet against an undefeated Washington team out of the Pac-12. If you are looking for a great time and a great game, then the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans is the perfect place to do that. Someone bring me some beignets, please.


Valero Alamo Bowl

#12 Oklahoma vs #14 Arizona

I know the Alamo Bowl doesn’t sound like an epic bowl game, but this is actually a very interesting matchup here in San Antonio. The Sooners should have gotten a NY6 bid but they ended up here against a good Arizona team. It’s not often a game like this gets a top 15 matchup and we are fortunate enough to get one on December 28th. Plus, this will be Oklahoma’s final game as a member of the Big 12 Conference and how funny is it that they are going to play a future member?

Pop-Tarts Bowl

#25 Kansas State vs #18 NC State

I am expecting a good game here, but everyone is curious about this bowl game including myself. By no means am I a Pop-Tarts aficionado, but I might do something fun for this one (A taste test perhaps?) before the game. I heard that there is going to be an edible mascot on hand in Orlando and I want to see someone take a bite of the mascot.


Duke’s Mayo Bowl

West Virginia vs North Carolina

While West Virginia will have their hands full against a good North Carolina team, I wanted to say a few things here. First off, this is not a normal Big 12 bowl game but due to certain circumstances, the Mountaineers are lucky enough to play in a bowl game sponsored by the best darn Mayonnaise on the planet. I want to see Neal Brown get dumped with a bucket of Duke’s after West Virginia wins. And hey Duke’s Mayo Bowl, we should get together sometime since we share a great name. Call me.

TaxAct Texas Bowl

#20 Oklahoma State vs Texas A&M

Anytime a Big 12 team gets a shot at the Aggies I am all in. I don’t care that A&M is in shambles right now after firing Jimbo Fisher and giving him enough guaranteed money to buy his own private island where he can wipe his butt with 100-dollar bills. I want to see Oklahoma State hang 50 on the Aggies in Houston.


Guaranteed Rate Bowl

Kansas vs UNLV

This is another sneaky good matchup on the list of bowl games. Just because I have it far down on the list doesn’t mean it won’t be a good one. Kansas is going bowling for the second straight season which hasn’t happened in 15 years. While UNLV may not sound like a great opponent, they certainly are, and this should be a fun matchup in Phoenix. I recommend checking out old-town Scottsdale if you are traveling to this game.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl

Iowa State vs Memphis

Some people like Memphis and some people don’t. Personally, I have never been one to have the urge to go there but if Iowa State is coming to town, they can certainly turn that place into a giant party. I hope Memphis is stocked up on Busch Light because the Cyclones are coming. Maybe the bars can give Memphis some money to upgrade that ancient stadium of theirs.

Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl

UCF vs Georgia Tech

Honestly, I didn’t care who the opponent was for UCF because I was just happy to see them in a bowl game. The Knights were the only new member of the conference to make a bowl game and to do it in year one is pretty awesome to see. Now go make us all proud and take down the Yellow Jackets.

Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl

Texas Tech vs Cal

No disrespect to Texas Tech here but this bowl game sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry. This isn’t where the Red Raiders expected to be after playing in the Texas Bowl last year, but this is what you get when you go 6-6. If there is one positive for the fans here it would be the food in Shreveport. I love Cajun food with a passion.

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