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RaeQuan Battle Sends Message to NCAA Amid Struggle for Eligibility

RaeQuan Battles’, well, um, battle with the NCAA concerning his eligibility for the 2023-24 season has been well-documented and followed by many around the college basketball landscape.

Unfortunately, despite his numerous attempts to appeal, the NCAA has decided time and again that Battle shouldn’t be able to play at West Virginia this season.

After the NCAA’s most recent denial, Battle shared a very powerful statement, saying “even if I never play another game of basketball, I will not go quietly. At a minimum, I will be one more Native American voice shouting into the ears of an institution that is all too oblivious of its failings and prejudices.”


On Wednesday, Battle held up that promise by speaking out on social media once again, and tagging the NCAA’s official page in his statement.

In a heartfelt message, Battle spelled out his journey, which brought him to West Virginia via the transfer portal from Montana State to West Virginia.

The NCAA appears to have questions about Battle’s waiver being based on mental health, and him not going back home (to Washington), but instead to West Virginia.

Battle points to the programs at West Virginia that have helped him deal with his mental health, but then points out that the NCAA seems to question the legitimacy of his waiver, but does acknowledge his mental ailment.

Hopefully, this will be the message that finally gets through for Battle, who certainly deserves a chance to play with his teammates this season, despite the NCAA’s inability to get this situation right to this point.

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