Fact or Fiction Friday: K-State is Fine Without Will Howard, Texas Will Beat Washington

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Kansas State

Welcome to Fact or Fiction Friday. Each Friday, I give our Facebook fans an opportunity to ask the most intriguing questions in the Big 12 Conference, and I will tell you whether they come true or if they are set to fail. Let’s crack it open and see what we have in store this week.

Kansas State Will be Fine Without Will Howard

Fact: There is no doubt in my mind that Kansas State will miss Will Howard. He spent years in that program and helped them win a Big 12 title last year. Will is also the all-time leader in career touchdown passes at Kansas State. His name is up there with the great quarterbacks Kansas State has had over the years.

While it stinks that he is leaving, this does open the door for a talented young man by the name of Avery Johnson. We got to see flashes of what Avery could do earlier in the year and it was a thing of beauty. He can sling it and his ability to run is off the charts. The man rushed for five touchdowns against Texas Tech in Lubbock. I can’t wait to see what he can do as the full-time starter.


Bowl Season Will Get Back to the Way It Used to Be

Fiction: I wish I could say fact here, but unfortunately those days are behind us. I can remember as a kid looking forward to bowl season because it was a time when some of the star players would get a chance to go against other great players across the country. Now, those guys are sitting out of these mid to lower-tier bowl games. Unless it’s the playoffs or a NY6 bowl, most of the big names sit out. As much as I hate that for viewing purposes, I understand why they do it. So no, bowl season will never be the same, but the good news is that there are still some great bowl games to watch. Especially those programs that are excited to be there.

Texas Will Beat Washington

Fact: Call me crazy, or a Big 12 homer, but Texas will beat Washington on New Year’s Day down in New Orleans. The Longhorns are balanced on both sides of the ball, and they are extremely tough in the trenches. Washington hasn’t seen a team like Texas yet. Sure, Oregon is a good team, but they aren’t Texas. I believe this will be a back-and-forth game that will come down to the wire but in the end, give me Texas to win.


Deion Sanders Will Be Coach of the Year in 2024

Fiction: Personally, I love what Deion Sanders is doing in Boulder. He made Colorado cool again and eventually, he will turn that program around. The only question I have is how long will he stay there? If we are talking about 2024, do I think Colorado is going to compete for a Big 12 title in their first year back in the conference? No. Will they have better talent on that roster moving forward? Yes. Deion needs some time to build things to where he wants them to be, and I don’t see 2024 being that year. Come back to me in a year from now.

The Pop-Tarts Bowl is the Best Big 12 Bowl Game

Fiction: As much as I love the name of this game, I simply can’t put any bowl game above the college football playoff. We have a team from the Big 12 (Texas) in the playoff and as long as there is a team from the conference in the playoff, I will say that it is the most important game. With that said, I do have a fun idea for the Pop-Tarts Bowl soon.

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