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Pat McAfee Announces Unofficial Return to College GameDay in 2024

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State

While Pat McAfee provided an uncertain answer about returning to ESPN’s College GameDay back in October when discussing his future plans, McAfee seemingly confirmed that he will be returning to the show in the upcoming season in a recent conversation with Kirk Herbstreit.

While the jury is still out on McAfee’s decision, Herbstreit mentioned that he would leave the show if they didn’t return as coworkers in the fall saying, “I’m just gonna say this right now. If you dare even think of leaving College GameDay, I’m leaving with you. I am. I am. I’m dead serious.”


McAfee explained that he doesn’t appreciate the negativity involved with his return to the show but powered through saying, “How about this? I’m back. I don’t love it. I don’t love that my life is just going to continue to have people telling me to run into oncoming traffic, swallow a barrel.”

The former Colts punter outlined some of the reactions that pop up on social media about McAfee’s appearances on shows like GameDay, Get Up, or even while working for the WWE.

“I pride myself on being a good locker room guy, good vibes guy, good energy guy, which is why it is becoming something where it’s like, every single Saturday, do I want to read — because I’m on the internet a lot,” McAfee said. “We’re an internet show. So I’m like on there. People are like, ‘Don’t read your mentions.’ It’s like, ‘I have to.’ It’s part of our job. It’s like, these college fans are awesome, they’re phenomenal, they’re incredibly passionate. But man, that negativity — normally when I get dropped into a new show like the WWE, that negativity is like three months. They hate my life, they hate me — they hate everything about me. And then they’re like, ‘You know what? This guy, not that bad.’”

While McAfee’s statement may not be an official declaration of his return to GameDay, more and more signs are beginning to point to a reunion with the crew for the 2024 college football season.

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