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The Big 12 Conference Announces Official Holiday for 12/12

Brett Yormark and the Big 12 Conference are officially doubling down on branding anything and everything 12.

The league released a statement on Friday afternoon announcing that December 12th (12.12), would become an official holiday for the Big 12 Conference.


The video from the league used clips that referenced the number 12 with appearances from a Dr. Pepper 12 pack, the 12th floor of a vintage hotel, a dozen doughnuts, The Count from Sesame Street, a massive clocktower, a boxing match, and more.

While rumors of a potential schedule release have circled about the post in reference to December 12th, for now, the league is just announcing the increased importance of 12-12.

The Big 12 Conference has been constantly finding new and exciting ways to place itself at the forefront of innovation under Brett Yormark and the December 12th celebration is no different. While it’s tough to say what the announcement may be for the Big 12’s newest holiday, the league is giving fans both the holiday spirit and the spirit of college sports which everyone could use a little bit more of.

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