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Watch: Jerome Tang Addresses Nae’Qwan Tomlin Situation, Telling K-State Nation to ‘Move Forward with Love’

Kansas State head coach Jerome Tang.

It has been a very challenging week for the folks of Manhattan, Kansas, as their beloved basketball program is experiencing a tough stretch of drama and apprehension surrounding the Nae’Qwan Tomlin situation.

In case you’ve missed it, Tomlin was dismissed from the Wildcats’ basketball team on Wednesday after serving an indefinite suspension that ended up lasting nine games. Tomlin was originally suspended following an arrest for “disorderly conduct; brawling or fighting” at Tubby’s Sports Bar on Sunday, October 29.

From there, head coach Jerome Tang decided to suspend Tomlin indefinitely and treated his situation as a season-ending injury. That’s how things remained until this week, when Tomlin appeared on the bench during Tuesday night’s game vs. Villanova. His presence started to get K-State fans about his potential return to the court, that is, until he was dismissed from the program on Wednesday.


Amid the chaos of his sudden dismissal, there was an uprising among the student section, a part of which showed their support for Tomlin by protesting outside the university president’s home.

There’s been enough commotion to this point that Jerome Tang decided it was time to make a public statement on the issue, and addressed the “K-State Family” on social media, in a video that has now surpassed one million views.

In the video, Tang encourages Kansas State fans to “move forward with love,” in regard to the tough times that the university is experiencing this week.

There’s no doubt that Tang has his players’, and former player’s best interests in mind, and that’s why it’s likely that this decision came from over his head. However, as has been the case every time to this point, Tang took the high road and showed why he is one of the most genuine coaches in the business.

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