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Kelvin Sampson Discredits Horns Down Tirade: Texas Has ‘OU Sucks’ in Their Fight Song

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Wednesday night ended in multiple losses for the Texas Longhorns, both on the court and at the postgame press conference.

UCF overcame a 15-point deficit to take down Texas 77-71, moving the Knights to 2-2 in Big 12 play and dropping the Longhorns to 1-3 in the conference. During the postgame celebration, UCF players gave the Horns Down gesture amongst themselves, as most any team seems to do when upsetting the Longhorns.

That upset Texas basketball coach, Rodney Terry, who let UCF players know about it in the handshake line and then addressed it once again in his postgame interview.


The social media reaction to how Terry handled himself after the loss has been strong, and has grown into a major talking point among many people in the basketball community.

Houston basketball coach Kelvin Sampson was the head coach at Oklahoma from 1994 to 2006 and knows all to well how intense a rivalry with Texas can be. Most folks outside of Austin agree that the outrage over the “Horns Down” gesture is ridiculous, and Sampson seems to share that sentiment.

“The University of Texas has ‘OU sucks’ in their fight song, for God’s sake,” Sampson, who spent 12 seasons as the Sooners’ men’s basketball coach, said Friday. “Look at their fight song, it says ‘OU sucks.’ I think OU was the one that started the Horns Down.” 


Sampson also said that Texas should just embrace the hate, just like Texas head football coach Steve Sarkisian suggested during the 2022 season.

“In an indirect way the University of Texas should actually take is as a compliment because they have such a great athletic department,” Kelvin Sampson said. “You’ve got to be really, really good for people to hate you. … We’ve accrued a lot of haters here the last seven or eight years.”

The Longhorns will host Baylor on Saturday before heading to Norman to take on their arch-rivals on Tuesday.

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