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Watch: Bill Self Heckles Media Members Over Parking Tickets

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While the daily grind of the Big 12 Basketball schedule can result in a lot of stress-filled days for a head coach, Kansas head coach Bill Self seems to enjoy the workload more than ever.

Ahead of Self’s mid-week press conference on Tuesday, the legendary coach took the time to educate members of the media on the importance of paying for campus parking.


Self started off by jokingly stating, “Guys when it says in the parking garage that you go to this deal to pay, it means they are checking. Just so you know. I didn’t get my degree in journalism, but just so you know that’s what that usually means.”

One member of the media then referenced that 247Sports’ Michael Swain has never been ticketed which prompted Self to ask, “Does that mean they’re not checking for them? You know some people illegally park all the time and get by with it, but you’re kinda living at your own risk when you do that.

While the intricacies of parking can be a captivating reason to speak with Bill Self, the Jayhawks have a matchup with the Oklahoma State Cowboys set for Tuesday, January 30th at 8:00 PM CT in Lawrence.

Self finished his thoughts by saying, “When you know it’s not permissible to park illegally, there’s a chance you could get busted guys. But that’s just me, you know, business major but not journalism.”

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