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J.D. Pickell on Horns Down: ‘It Only Has as Much Power as You Give It’

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While conversations surrounding the Horns Down gesture have reached an all-time high in the world of college sports, many sports personalities believe that Texas is giving the signal more life than it deserves.

On3’s J.D. Pickell spoke on the situation and compared it to a child’s playground dispute saying that the signal, “Only has as much power as you give it.”


“The Horns Down gesture, if you’re a Texas fan you get it,” Pickell said. “It only has as much power as you give it. Think about it this way, when you were on the playground at recess back in grade school, a kid sticks his tongue out at you. What would the teacher tell you to do? First, they’d probably tell that kid, ‘Hey knock it off’ but what would they tell you to do? They’d say to just ignore it.”

While Rodney Terry stole the show with a legendary outburst about the use of the Horns Down gesture following Texas’ upset loss to UCF, the hand signal has been trending for a multitude of reasons lately including BYU fans being asked to remove shirts that read “Horns Down” in their recent matchup.

Pickell finished his thoughts by saying, “If you ignored that kid sticking their tongue out at you long enough, what would happen? They would get bored and realize it has no impact and would just move on. And so I think Texas fans from what I’ve been able to gather, seeing their head coach get upset about it and seeing folks have an issue with people throwing up the Horns Down or the Big 12 making it a penalty, they’re like ‘Hey, stop!’ And when I say stop, I’m saying stop doing the Horns Down, I think they’re saying that to mean stop making us look soft.”

While Texas continues to see the use of the Horns Down gesture continue to grow, if the team isn’t able to nip the situation in the bud ahead of their July 1st departure for the SEC, Texas’ staff is going to have a rude awakening dealing with SEC fans.

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