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Joel Klatt on Horns Down: ‘If You Don’t Like It? Win’

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The ongoing outrage from Texas fans, players, and coaches being offended by “Horns Down” gestures has been an on-and-off topic of conversation for years now.

Folks in and around Austin apparently feel that they deserve some sort of special protection when it comes to the gesture being used, and have even been successful in getting the Big 12 to deem its use worthy of an “unsportsmanlike conduct” penalty on the football field.

Recently, Texas basketball coach Rodney Terry sparked the conversation once again by telling UCF players in the postgame handshake line that it was “classless” after beating the Longhorns in the Moody Center.


FOX’s Joel Klatt was candid about his feelings on the outrage, and quite frankly, I feel he spoke for many of us in the sports community when he spoke his mind on the topic.

“I’m so sick of people being offended by Horns Down. This is ridiculous,” said Klatt.

“Like, why is this the only gesture in intercollegiate athletics that we’re so worried about? There’s a lot of hand gestures that get made on the football field, on the basketball court that are a lot worse than horns down – a lot worse, don’t Google them if you know what I mean. And here we are always wasting time about Horns Down.”

Klatt, like the rest of us, realizes that the gesture, in and of itself, shouldn’t be treated any differently than, say, a middle finger.


“It’s one thing if you do it, like, right in the face as a taunt – just like anything as a taunt. I think it’s fair to penalize. But, in a lot of ways, the Big 12 kind of created this mess when they started to say, ‘We’re going to penalize horns down as an unsportsmanlike!’” Klatt said. “Like, why? That is so weak. That is so weak.”

“Stop making a big deal out of it. By the way, the SEC is not making a big deal out of it. The SEC has said they will not penalize the gesture of Horns Down. Good! Good. It’s only a thing because it was made a thing.”

Regarding Rodney Terry’s outrage specifically? Klatt says what we’re all thinking once again.

“So someone flashes a Horns Down. Who cares?” Klatt asked. “If you don’t like it? Win. Okay?If you don’t like it? Win.”

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