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Ranking the Best Big 12 Football Schedule Release Videos

With the Big 12 Conference officially releasing schedules for each of the league’s 16 teams on Tuesday morning, fans were provided a taste of what each social media team had in store for the announcement.

We here at Heartland College Sports decided to rank each team’s video release in order of best to worst to give some insight into which social media teams knocked it out of the park and which left something to be desired.


Before we dive into the list, six teams in the league are being shamed for not posting official releases and electing to go with a graphic instead.


Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma State dropped the ball this year by deciding to post schedule graphics instead of videos. It should be noted that Kansas released a hype video for their announcement of playing home games at Arrowhead Stadium and Children’s Mercy Park, but for the purpose of this story, they fall in the shame tier.

The shame tier is subject to change with teams posting official videos throughout the day, but as of right now the six teams above receive the shame.

1. UCF

The UCF Knights’ social media team knocked it out of the park with their schedule release video. The video featured several players, coaches, staff workers, and even Knightro working in an office-like setting with each game being announced through clever phone calls. Bonus points for two mentions of Cyclone Larry.


West Virginia had one of the simplest videos, but it was excellently put together. The video followed a Mountaineer fan getting ready for his day by taking out the dog, preparing a meal, drinking a cup of coffee, and more. Two highlights of the video were making a can of skyline chili just to throw it out, and telling Pitt fans to eat… well, you get it.


Who doesn’t love Family Feud? Kansas State’s video featured team offense vs. team defense in a Family Feud-style matchup to reveal the 2024 schedule. Sophomore safety VJ Payne hosted the game while players like Avery Johnson, Jayce Brown, Austin Moore, Brendan Mott, and more clashed to see which team would come out on top. Props for some outside-the-box thinking.



Utah’s schedule release was a cool collaboration with the 16-time national champion Utah Ski Team where the squad suited up in football pads and hit the slopes. The slalom course showed different logos, dates, and times for each matchup as the Utes get set for their first season of Big 12 football.


The No. 5 spot is where the list starts to turn south. Iowa State’s schedule announcement had some cool moments including a phone call with Rocco Becht and his dad, Beau Freyler watching a class on how to fight a class, and a skyline cooking class with Caleb Bacon, but the post was made in a thread rather than edited together which limited the upside of the announcement.


Cincinnati’s post wasn’t the most original idea which we’ll talk about later, but what saved it was that the guys chosen for the video were pretty entertaining. The Bearcats elected to do a lip-reading challenge where members of the team would try to guess who they’d be squaring off against and when.


Unfortunately for Texas Tech, Cincinnati beat them to the punch. The Red Raiders elected to do the same lip-reading idea as UC but followed two hours behind the announcement. Tech had some funny moments and a cool host, but unfortunately, the early bird gets thew worm which caused Cincinnati to get the leg up in this one.


8. TCU

TCU’s video was fun, but also a very common idea. The social media team had members of the football team try and guess emoji combinations that were related to the opponent, and while the concept wasn’t the best, the editing and funny moments made for a solid watch.


Baylor’s schedule release video was comparable to TCU’s but instead of emojis, the team went with what appears to be AI-drawn images. It made for a solid video with solid personalities, but due to a relatively common idea and fewer funny moments than other schools, the Bears earned the No. 9 spot on the list.


Houston’s video really was not much of a schedule release. The video felt like a pretty middle-of-the-pack hype video that featured big moments from he previous season but did leave a lot to be desired. The Cougars are still well above the six teams listed in the shame tier but they did technically finish last in this contest.

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