Picking the Best Big 12 Conference Game for Each Week of the 2024 Football Season

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Kansas

After months of patiently waiting, the 2024 Big 12 football schedule was released on Tuesday morning. The new look 16-team league has created quite the buzz this offseason and with Oklahoma and Texas off the books, things will look quite different in 2024.

To some people, “different” means change, and that’s a bad thing. But to me, it’s exciting. Make no mistake about it this conference will be the most competitive, from top to bottom, in all of college football. It will provide even more chaos than we’ve had in the past and I already call the Big 12 football season, “Fall Madness.” Nobody knows who is going to win from week to week, and that’s simply not the case in other conferences.


As we wait for the 2024 football season to arrive, I thought it would be fun to go through each week of the year and pick out the best conference game for that week. Also, please keep this in mind as well:

Here we go.

Week 3 (Sat, Sep 14): UCF at TCU

The reason I picked this game is simple. It’s because it is the only conference game being played this week and it is the first actual conference game of the 2024 season. This is where the road to Arlington begins.

Week 4 (Sat, Sep 21): Utah at Oklahoma State

This is the weekend where most teams start Big 12 play and boy do we have a heavyweight showdown in Stillwater. Utah and Oklahoma State are widely considered to be two of the top four teams in the conference going into the season and this is one of those games that sets the tone early.

Week 5 (Sat, Sep 28): Oklahoma State at Kansas State

Anytime these two teams meet it is always a great game. Typically, these games have a significant impact on the Big 12 title picture, and the fact that we get this game this early is pretty crazy.


Week 6 (Sat, Oct 5): Texas Tech at Arizona

I could have gone with the Kansas/Arizona State game, but I believe that the Texas Tech/Arizona game will be the one to highlight. Arizona will likely be one of the top teams in the Big 12 and Texas Tech is looking to have a bounce-back season. This will be one of those games where we find out a lot about the Red Raiders.

Week 7 (Sat, Oct 12): Kansas State at Colorado

This is a classic throwback to the Big 12 North days. Darn you Colorado for going to the Pac-12, but we are sure glad to have you back in the Big 12, where you actually belong. I really hope this is a night game because Boulder will be rocking, and Kansas State fans already know just how fun that road trip is.

Week 8 (Sat, Oct 19): Colorado at Arizona

I am shining the spotlight once again on two teams I’ve already mentioned: Colorado and Arizona. These two teams have been playing over the years in the Pac-12 and now this is officially a Big 12 game. I am so glad to have these two in the conference and this is going to be one of those games that is going to feel like a Big 12 after-dark game.


Week 9 (Sat, Oct 26): Kansas at Kansas State

Years ago, this wasn’t even a rivalry game because Kansas State owned Kansas in every way, shape, and form. While Kansas still hasn’t beaten Kansas State since 2008, these games have been a lot more competitive since Lance Leipold took over in Lawrence. Who knows, maybe this is the year that the streak finally ends.

Week 10 (Sat, Nov 2): Arizona at UCF

It’s about time I talk about UCF, as I believe that they will be better than what they were last season. I have already talked about Arizona being a contender for the Big 12 title and I will be interested to see where the Knights stand by the time November rolls around. I also picked this game because I love the Bounce House, and the city of Orlando for that matter.

Week 11 (Sat, Nov 9): BYU at Utah

FINALLY. This is one of those rivalry games that I have been drooling over ever since Utah announced its decision to join the Big 12. With Texas and Oklahoma gone, this rivalry game is going to end up being one of the best the Big 12 has to offer moving forward. I can’t wait to find out just how Holy the Holy War is.

Week 12 (Sat, Nov 12): Utah at Colorado

This is another one of those games that I am excited to have in the new look Big 12. Utah has been one of the most consistent programs in college football under Kyle Whittingham and I hope we get plenty more battles between him and Deion Sanders at Colorado.

Week 13 (Sat, Nov 23): Iowa State at Utah

Okay, I get it; you are probably tired of me mentioning Utah by now, but they have a really exciting schedule in 2024. I feel like they are playing all of the teams that I think are going to be contenders. Who knows what Iowa State will look like by this time, but this is going to be one of those hard-nosed games that could have a major impact on the conference title picture.

Week 14 (Fri, Nov 29; Sat, Nov 30): Too Many to Choose From

The reason I didn’t list a game here is because there are too many to choose from and my selfish brain couldn’t pick just one. Between the Friday night games (Oklahoma State at Colorado and Utah at UCF) and the Saturday games (Arizona State at Arizona and Kansas State at Iowa State), I couldn’t help myself.

My suggestion for this weekend would be to not leave the recliner. Not even to go to the bathroom. Ok, well maybe go to the bathroom. And grab a drink. I think you get what I am trying to say here right?

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