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The Pros and Cons For Kansas Football Playing 2024 Season in Kansas City

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Kansas

The University of Kansas announced the football team would play their home games in Kansas City for the 2024 season. The non-conference home games (Lindenwood on August 29th and UNLV on September 14th) will be played at Children’s Mercy Park in Kansas City, Kansas. This stadium is typically used for soccer matches and is home to Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer.

The home games in which the Jayhawks will host conference opponents will take place at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. That is the home of the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. The Jayhawks will host TCU (September 28), Houston (October 19), Iowa State (November 9th), and Colorado (November 23rd) at Arrowhead.


Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons awaiting the Jayhawks this fall.

Pro: Kansas will finish Gateway Project (Pt. 1) before 2025 season

The University of Kansas decided to host games off campus will keep the Gateway Project on pace to be completed before the start of the 2025 season. If they had halted the project to try and have home games in 2024, it would have added to the cost and potentially not been ready for the 2025 season.

Con: Local businesses in Lawrence will hurt in 2024

There’s no getting around this one, there will be local businesses in Lawrence, Kansas that will suffer in 2024 because of the project. Many businesses rely on the big crowds on game day that keep them ahead and this will lead to some setbacks for some of these local spots.


Pro: Playing in the champ’s house

Getting to host four games at Arrowhead Stadium, where there is so much history and recent success, will be fantastic for the student-athletes and for fans who may have never been to a game in the historic venue. This stadium doubles the capacity of David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium and no one should have trouble getting tickets if they want to attend one of those games.

Con: Having to drive to Missouri to watch a home game

There will be a lot of criticism, some likely coming from Missouri Tiger fans, for the Chiefs letting the Jayhawks host home games across the state line. While they will play at an incredible venue, and the best football venue in the region, it could cause some headaches on game day for KU fans, especially those driving from Lawrence. It’s not that long of a trip from Lawrence to Kansas City, Missouri but it will take more time and planning on the part of Jayhawk fans who may be used to walking up the street from their house or dorm to get to a football game.


Pro: Children’s Mercy Park has hosted football games in the past

This won’t be the first time Children’s Mercy Park has hosted football games. In 2014-2017, the
NCAA DII championship games were hosted there and Kansas State hosted their 2015 spring game in the venue. There will be a unique, intimate atmosphere for these games that you wouldn’t typically be able to find at a DI football game.

Con: Not many open seats for non-conference games

Despite being a unique and intimate venue for the non-conference slate of games, this means there will be a limited number of seats for those two games. According to Children’s Mercy Park’s statement, there will be a normal amount of allotted tickets to students (approx 3,500). Due to the high demand for season tickets for the 2024 season, it is likely that season ticket holders will get the rest of the allotment of tickets for those two games. There will be pros and cons to every move but for the 2024 season, this should end up ultimately being a positive for the Kansas Jayhawks. With the talented roster KU is bringing back in 2024, this should be an exciting year both on and off the field for the University of Kansas.

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