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SEC, Big Ten to Set Up Advisory Committee: Report

SEC-Big Ten Advisory Committee

According to a report from ESPN’s Pete Thamel, the Southeastern Conference and the Big Ten conference are getting set to announce the formation of an “Advisory Committee,” which he says is expected to look at the entire college sports landscape and solutions within in.

So, what exactly does that mean? In the business world, advisory committees are formed to address specific issues, challenges, or possible opportunities in a given field. With the current state of college athletics, and the expectation that this committee is set to look at the entire landscape, it’s safe to assume that this advisory committee could be another step in the conference’s breaking away from the NCAA.

We’ve seen changes to almost every aspect of college athletics in just the last few years, and specifically, the sport of college football.


We’ve seen coaches like Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh leave the sport in years following College Football Playoff appearances and even a national title for the Michigan Wolverines. It’s not a coincidence that names like that are walking away from the sport — it’s nothing more than a husk of its former self at this point.

Earlier this week, we saw Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley leave his post to take the defensive coordinator position with the Green Bay Packers. Thamel reported that Hafley wanted to “coach football again in a league that is all about football,” adding that “college coaching has become fundraising, NIL and recruiting your own team and transfers. There’s no time to coach football anymore.”

While some believe this is an isolated case of a coach wanting to make the jump any way that he can, Kirk Herbstreit says it’s a sign of the times.


“[College football] in its current state will be seeing more and more coaches heading to the NFL,” Herbstreit wrote on Twitter. “Without boundaries and regulation that make sense coaches that get real opportunities in the NFL will be gone. This trend will continue until there is a new governing body and it creates a CBA with a players entity or union that would include issues like NIL, Transfer Portal, and eventually revenue sharing. The sport is spiraling out of control as we know and many of these coaches are not sticking around and waiting. Just a new reality for the sport.”

With the sport “spiraling out of control,” this SEC-Big Ten advisory committee could be a major step in forming a new governing body for college football and the eventual dissolution of the NCAA.

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