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Barstool TCU Donates 500 Horns Down Shirts for Students to Wear vs. Texas

NCAA Basketball: Houston Christian at Texas

While the viral Horns Down hand signal continues to emerge as a thorn in the side of Texas head coach Rodney Terry, college basketball fans everywhere are making sure that the celebration remains a major talking point in collegiate athletics.

According to a recent report from Barstool Sports’ Marty Mush, TCU’s Barstool affiliate is donating 500 Horns Down-inspired T-shirts for TCU students to wear in attendance for Saturday’s game vs. Texas.


“This is me breaking the news here and it is f****** awesome,” Mush said. “Good on Barstool TCU. We are honestly treating Horns Down like it is a racial slur. We’ve totally lost our minds here. Throwing a Horns Down after a Texas loss is what college sports are all about.”

Despite some of the major overreactions in reference to Horns Down, the hand signal has been a relatively harmless action. In last week’s matchup between BYU and Texas, however, multiple BYU fans were asked to remove their shirts with Horns Down painted on them ahead of tip-off. With at least 500 fans sporting Horns Down shirts at the Week 13 matchup between TCU and Texas, the storyline should be an interesting one to follow.

Saturday’s matchup between No. 25 TCU and Texas officially tips off at 1:00 PM CT in Ft. Worth. With this being likely the last time that the duo will face off as members of the Big 12 Conference, fans of the league should expect to see some chaos coming out of Schollmaier Arena.

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