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Big Ten Commissioner Tony Petitti Exploring 14-16 Team College Football Playoff

The future of the College Football Playoff is very much in question past the 2025 season, and it appears that the SEC and Big Ten may be preparing themselves for a future without the postseason as it’s currently formatted.

According to a report from Yahoo Sports’ Ross Dellenger, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey and Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti expressed doubts about the future of the College Football Playoff, and just days after Friday’s announcement that the Big Ten and SEC would be forming an “advisory committee” to explore the future of college athletics.


One of the major changes that we could see come as a result of this new committee is a change to the playoff format, and that could be even further expansion, according to Dellenger’s report.

“Given the latest realignment wave — the four power leagues swelled to 16-18 members each — the format is back under the microscope for further examination,” Dellenger writes. “Petitti has discussed with commissioners expansion models that include 14 and 16 teams with multiple automatic qualifiers to major conferences, sources told Yahoo Sports.”


There are almost assuredly changes to the automatic qualifiers coming, as the Pac-12 is no longer a viable “Power” conference. However, the report that multiple automatic qualifiers from major conferences likely sounds like an annoying ringing in the ears of Big 12 fans.

While multiple teams from the Big Ten and SEC are easily justifiable, it won’t be something that the other conferences are going to just hand over without some sort of fight.

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