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ESPN, FOX, Warner Bros. to Create Joint Sports Streaming Platform: Report

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While the age of streaming platforms taking over the sports industry seemed to be advancing at an alarming rate, according to a recent announcement from Front Office Sports, things in the space could be getting a bit more cramped.

Cramped isn’t such a bad thing in this case as the announcement broke news of a potential partnership between TV networks and streaming services including FOX, ESPN, Warner Bros., and Discovery who are working on plans to launch a combination service for ESPN+, Hulu, and Max subscribers.


While combining television channels and streaming networks into one package may sound like a sophisticated deal of the future, the announcement has mainly been greeted with individuals likening the partnership to that of cable.

According to the post, the service is expected to be available later on this year. While that provides a pretty vague timeline in general, it feels like the services would hope to capitalize on hype for some of the major sports and revenue earners prior to the start of each season.

It’s tough to tell what the official details will be of the groups coming together to form a new sports package, but if helps cut down on the amount of apps on Roku TV’s across the country, odds are the collaboration will be successful.

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