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Brock Purdy Was Asked If He Thinks He Looks Like Lee Harvey Oswald

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Being told that you look like a famous person or celebrity is usually an attempt at flattery, or at the very least, intended to be a compliment. While it can be hit or miss on how a person will take the comparison, it’s usually never a good thing to be compared to an infamous person. I would imagine Adolf Hitler’s doppelganger does everything he can to disassociate himself from the former German ruler.

During Super Bowl media week, Brock Purdy had the unfortunate task of dealing with a media member who compared him to Lee Harvey Oswald. In case history isn’t your strong suit, Oswald is the man who was charged with the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November of 1963. Interestingly, he himself was fatally shot two days after the assassination.


In at least one person’s opinion, Purdy and Oswald share a likeness, and the San Francisco 49ers quarterback was asked about it this week.

Not only did the reporter ask if he’d heard about the comparison, but he followed up with what Purdy thought about the comparison. Seriously? Why would you even ask something like that? What was the purpose, or expected response to a question like that?

Luckily for the reporter, Purdy handled it with relative grace, shrugging the question off and moving on — and luckily for Purdy there isn’t much time for obscure questions before the players take the field for Super Bowl LVIII.

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