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Two Big 12 Teams Among Top Four in Bill Connelly’s Returning Production for 2024 Season

Iowa State Cyclones defensive line J.R. Singleton (58),' linebacker Caleb Bacon (50)t, and defensive back Treyveon McGee (24) takes down Oklahoma State Cowboys' running back Ollie Gordon II (0) during the first quarter of an NCAA college football game at Jack Trice Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 23, 2023, in Ames, Iowa.

The majority of college football roster acquisitions and turnover are now behind us for the 2024 offseason as the transfer portal madness is closed until after the conclusion of spring football.

With that in mind, we can start to take a look at rosters around the country and take note of what times are best set up for success in the upcoming season.

When looking at what to expect from a team next season, one of the top metrics is Bill Connelly’s returning production rankings, which he released on Monday.


Two of the top four teams in returning production are from the Big 12, with Iowa State coming in at No. 2 with a whopping 85%, while Oklahoma State is fourth with 77% of its production set to return in 2024.

The entire rankings can be found here (ESPN+ article), but we want to take a look at the Big 12 and how all 16 teams in the league fare in terms of offensive and defensive production returning next season.

We’ll rank every team, and include their national ranking as well. Here we go.


Big 12 Football: Returning Production for 2024

1. (2)Iowa State85%90% (2)80% (5)
2. (4)Oklahoma State77%79% (15)74% (14)
3. (15)Colorado72%69% (41)76% (13)
4. (16)Utah72%75% (26)70% (28)
5. (21)TCU71%63% (58)78% (10)
6. (24)West Virginia70%89% (3)52% (95)
7. (35)Arizona State68%72% (33)63% (49)
8. (41)Baylor66%71% (36)62% (59)
9. (43)Arizona66%71% (38)62% (57)
10. (49)BYU65%68% (46)63% (54)
11. (62)Cincinnati62%68% (47)57% (72)
12. (72)Houston61%59% (72)63% (50)
13. (78)Kansas59%62% (63)56% (76)
14. (82)Kansas State58%37% (123)80% (4)
15. (93)Texas Tech52%54% (88)50% (101)
16. (101)UCF49%38% (121)60% (61)
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