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Big 12 Men’s Basketball Power Rankings for Week 14

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The Big 12 men’s basketball season is now 14 weeks old and these power rankings continue to prove just how close things are in his conference.

There were only two tier changes and the top three teams last week remained the top three teams this week. But this conference is built for weekly discombobulation. There just wasn’t as much this week.


After 14 weeks, we present our latest Big 12 men’s basketball power rankings for the 2023-24 season as all teams are now past the midpoint of Big 12 play.

Tier One

1. Houston (21-3, 8-3) – Last Week — 2

2. Iowa State (18-5, 7-3) – Last Week — 3

3. Kansas (19-5, 7-4) – Last Week — 1

I feel comfortable saying these three teams are the three best teams in the conference. You can quibble about the order.

Houston has the best conference record. Iowa State can tie Houston with a win this week and Kansas is coming off a 1-1 week, losing to Kansas State in overtime and beating Baylor in a game in which neither played well down the stretch. The split played a role in Kansas falling here. Plus, the quality of play. They left points on the table in both games and a lack of execution in overtime against Kansas State cost them a win.


Tier Two

4. Oklahoma (18-6, 6-5) – Last Week — 9

5. Baylor (17-6, 6-4) – Last Week — 4

6. Texas Tech (17-6, 6-4) – Last Week — 5

7. TCU (16-7, 5-5) – Last Week — 5

8. BYU (17-6, 5-5) – Last Week — 8

9. Texas (16-8, 5-6) – Last Week — 7

10. Cincinnati (15-8, 4-6) – Last Week — 10

11. Kansas State (15-9, 5-6) – Last Week — 14

Only one team on this tier went 2-0 for the week and that was Oklahoma. So the Sooners get the big bump here. OU had quality games in both contests. But it’s so hard to build momentum in this league I hesitate to say they’re ascending to the top tier … yet.


As for the rest, Baylor beat Texas Tech and the Bears had every chance to beat Kansas, so they only drop one spot. Tech split for the week and falls a spot. TCU lost its only game. BYU split. So did Texas. So did Kansas State. Cincinnati lost its only game.

See why it’s so hard to tier these teams? The competition is incredible. I’ll acknowledge moving Kansas State to the second tier was a reward for beating Kansas. Cincinnati stayed where it was after a home loss to Houston. But their chances to solidify their NCAA Tournament credentials are running out.

Tier Three

12. UCF (13-9, 4-6) – Last Week — 11

13. West Virginia (8-15, 3-7) – Last Week — 13

14. Oklahoma State (10-14, 2-9) – Last Week — 12

UCF drops back to the third tier after an 0-1 week and a loss to Texas Tech by seven points in a game the Knights never led. The Knight may toggle back and forth between tiers the rest of the way. But you can’t maintain a spot on that second tier if you don’t win.

Same goes for WVU and Oklahoma State. Both were winless last week and the Mountaineers appear pointed toward a coaching change. Oklahoma State? We’ll see.

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