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Chris Del Conte Explains How Texas Might Consider Playing a Big 12 Team in the Future

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Since it was announced that Texas and Oklahoma were leaving the Big 12 for the SEC back in 2021, folks have wondered what the future of Big 12 rivalries including those programs might look like.

While Bedlam’s death might get all the attention, Texas not playing TCU, Baylor, or Texas Tech, as it has pretty much annually for forever, is going to have a significant impact on their schedules from year to year.

The ongoing rivalry between Texas and Texas Tech is another annual game that will be lost to conference realignment, and there’s been some animosity from fans, both in Lubbock and Austin, when it comes to future matchups.


Simply put, Texas Tech has been clear about its intentions to want the game to continue, but Texas seems totally disinterested in the idea after taking on an SEC schedule.

On Tuesday though, Texas Athletic Director Chris Del Conte commented on what it might take to get the Longhorns back on the field against their former conference-mates.

According to Horns247’s Chip Brown, Del Conte said that future matchups will depend on whether the SEC plays an eight- or nine-game conference schedule, but also mentioned that it would come down to whether or not Big 12 programs would be willing to come and play in Austin, rather than making it home-and-home schedules.

In case that doesn’t resonate, home-and-home scheduled games are typically reserved for programs that need some incentive to schedule difficult non-con games. However, Texas seemingly refusing to do this with Big 12 teams means that the Longhorns, right or wrong, already view their former partners as something similar to Group of Five programs, as that is typically the treatment that they’ll get in scheduling.

So, how long will it be before we see Texas back in Lubbock, Waco, or Fort Worth? Quite some time, if Del Conte’s comments are to be taken at face value.

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