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2024 Big 12 Football Odds Set the Stage for a Chaotic, Unpredictable Season

Dec 2, 2022; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Utah Utes quarterback Cameron Rising (7) throws the ball against the Southern California Trojans in the first half of the Pac-12 Championship at Allegiant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2024 college football season is still months away, but whispers and rumors are coming out of every spring practice session, and most everyone is feeling very good about their chances going into next year.

While that’s the case across pretty much the entire country, it’s especially true in the Big 12. With Texas and Oklahoma now out of the conference, there’s virtually no way of knowing which rosters will be best equipped to win a Big 12 title in any given season.

Plus, the addition of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Arizona State further shakes things up, as nobody really knows what to expect of the newcomers. It appears that includes Vegas’s bookies as well.


Of all the “Power Four” leagues, the 2024 Big 12 Championship race is the most wide open, at least from a betting perspective.

The latest odds from FanDuel tell the story quite well.

2024 Big 12 Championship Odds

  1. Kansas State (+350)
  2. Utah (+350)
  3. Kansas (+650)
  4. Arizona (+750)
  5. Texas Tech (+900)
  6. Oklahoma State (+1200)
  7. UCF (+1200)
  8. Iowa State (+1200)
  9. West Virginia (+1900)
  10. TCU (+1900)
  11. Colorado (+4000)
  12. Baylor (+5500)
  13. Cincinnati (+6500)
  14. Arizona State (+10000)
  15. BYU (+13000)
  16. Houston (+18000)

Kansas State and Utah are listed as co-favorites to win the Big 12 at +350. If you feel confident about either of those teams, even as the favorite, those are great odds to put down some money. Don’t take my word for it; just go take a look at the numbers you’ll get on the other conference favorites.


SEC: Georgia (+185)
ACC: Clemson/Florida State (+280)
Big Ten: Ohio State (+155)

The number you’re getting on a Big 12 co-favorite pays $350 for a $100 bet, whereas the best money you could make from the other leagues is $280 on the ACC favorite. That’s a pretty substantial gap, and that’s without looking at heavier favorites in Georgia and Ohio State.

Perhaps even crazier is the depth of the Big 12 from a betting perspective. There are currently TEN teams with better than +2000 (20-to-1) odds to win the league. When you take a look at the other leagues, there aren’t nearly as many teams at that number.

SEC: 7
ACC: 7
Big Ten: 4


There are only four teams with a semi-realistic chance of winning the Big Ten next season, while there are seven teams from the ACC and SEC that could potentially pull off a league title in Vegas’ eyes. However, having 10 of 16 teams pretty much “in the hunt” is insane.

Even the team with the worst odds of winning the league (Houston, +18000) is way more likely than the bottom-tier teams in other leagues. Just look at the number of SEC, ACC, and Big Ten teams with longer odds than UH to win their conference in 2024.

SEC: Arkansas (+20000), Mississippi State (+30000), Vanderbilt (+50000)
ACC: Wake Forest (+25000), Stanford (+50000)
Big Ten: Minnesota (+20000), Purdue (+30000), Indiana (+30000)

Las Vegas has built quite an empire by playing the numbers, and the numbers are painting a pretty clear picture about the Big 12 in 2024, or rather, how unclear it is.

There’s no league in America that will have a better conference race, nor is there a league out there that could see more parity from top to bottom.

Take Oklahoma State, for example.

The Cowboys are coming off a 10-win season and were the Big 12 runner-ups in 2023. They return a vast majority of their production on both offense and defense, plus they’ve got Mike Gundy at the helm. Somehow, with all of that, the Pokes have the sixth-best odds to win the league at +1200.

That’s about as wide-open as it gets.

Predicting how the Big 12 will play out in 2024 will be nearly impossible, but that’s what will make it so much fun.

So, Big 12 fans, prepare for chaos, prepare for parity, and prepare for all of your expectations to be flipped on their heads before Halloween because it’s going to be one hell of a year.

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