Three Ways Sports Stars May Embrace the Latest Technologies 

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Sports stars often have expensive tastes as well as the time to research some of the very latest technological advancements, whether that means something that enhances their game or something for their entertainment off the pitch or court.  

The rate of technological advancements has never been so fast, meaning new technologies in pretty much every area of life. Consider how different vehicles are to the way they were just 20 years ago and you’ll see what we mean, with Satellite Navigation systems and Bluetooth connections becoming the norm. Sports have seen a similar revolution, and sports players are usually known to be at the cutting edge. 

Sporting stars and athletes all live very different lives, of course, but there are some trends in ways they tend to embrace the latest tech.  


Professional sportsmen and women have embraced cryptocurrencies in a way that not every industry has, being keen to hold Bitcoin and other cryptos as an investment and to use them in everyday life too. Odell Beckham Jr. and Klay Thompson are among the sports players who have been willing to take their salary payments in cryptocurrencies, showing their huge faith in modern, decentralized payment methods.  

Gambling is an industry intrinsically linked with sports, and a lot of casino brands have also taken the crypto revolution to the next level, creating a variety of different games people can play with cryptocurrencies. Sporting superstars are known to unwind with certain casino games from time to time and this means that there have been many adopting crypto casinos as a concept, using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other options to stake money in the games. 

People often assume crypto gaming is all about modern games with options like slots and specific crypto games like Crash being popular, but the traditional casino games have translated well to modern interfaces and casinos. Crypto casinos have been known for revitalizing games and providing new variations on some of the oldest options, some of which have their roots hundreds of years in the past. These games remain popular, with millions playing blackjack every year in the US.  

Wearable Technology 

Elite sports are often searching for marginal gains, and new technology can help to push performances to the next level, wearables have provided a new way to do this, especially in training.  

Some limitations exist in terms of what can be worn on the courts and pitches of elite sports so there are rules saying that players may not be able to wear their Apple Watch, of course. Many forward-thinking teams are taking to tech though as a way to try and avoid injuries and track the performance of players while they’re playing.  

Wearables are common in some sports, with GPS tracking tech being one of the most common ways this is done, in simple terms, a player wears a vest that can track the movement around the court or pitch and use this data to feedback to coaches and the staff of the team to show the areas they spent the most time, how fast they were going at any given time, and more crucial information about performances. Vests go under the jersey and don’t usually get in the way, and in soccer, it has become very normal to wear these as part of a game. 

VR For Training (and Fun) 

VR’s use is not a new concept in sports, Steph Curry was testing it for training as early as 2016 and many sports have incorporated some form of virtual reality to simulate real-game situations.  

Programs that help VR training can be pretty expensive so this is not always an option for the more amateur or up-and-coming teams, elite sports is the main area that is using this for the development of the top athletes and the next generation of NBA and NFL stars. Prohibitive costs will become less of an issue as time goes on and the tech becomes more widely accessible, meaning we could see this become the norm in college football.  

Gaming is one of the most common hobbies of sports stars so it is little surprise that virtual reality systems like Oculus have made their way into their hobbies, too, giving the chance for players to experience other sports or just delve into the world of gaming in a new and intriguing way. 


Sports has been revolutionized by tech even in the last few years, from the way we alter the playing surfaces to be more resilient, to training systems, and even LED light for stadiums

Top players are often young, with an interest in being at the cutting edge of tech, meaning that they are happy to take on these methods both for their training and for personal enjoyment, so you may well find a sports star playing a VR game or a casino game on their device in their spare time. 

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