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Matt Rhule “Embarrassed” After Meeting with Bill Belichick Last Week

Coaches clinics are one of the best ways for coaches at all levels of football to learn and share ideas about the game they love.

It’s a great opportunity for college coaches to build relationships with local high school coaches, and it’s also a great opportunity for high school coaches to pick up details on the best schemes and tactics at the next level.

However, one of the coolest things about coaches clinics is the chance to get to learn football from somebody that has forgotten more than you’ll ever learn. Sometimes, you get a chance to learn the game from a true legend, and the folks at Nebraska’s Coaches Clinic this past week got to do just that.


Matt Rhule was there, and while he’s incredibly gifted in his own right, he wasn’t the special guest speaker. That title belongs to former New England Patriots head coach and eight-time Super Bowl Champion Bill Belichick.

But even aside from the clinic itself, Belichick spent four and a half hours with the Nebraska coaching staff and dove into some X’s and O’s with the college football “experts.”

Rhule was taken aback by Belichick’s sheer level of intellect while speaking to his staff. In fact, he says that Belichick is so smart that it’s both humbling and embarrassing.

“He is so smart, has seen so much that he can make the complex so simple that it humbles you and embarrasses you,” Rhule said.

“I was embarrassed sitting next to him at how smart he is, how simple it was. He went four and a half hours just with the coaches. Forget the clinic. He came in and met with our coaching staff. And three and a half hours in, I was like, ‘Coach, would you like a water? A coffee? Would you like to use the restroom?’ I desperately had to use the restroom. And he’s like, ‘I’m fine, man.’ I was like, ‘Yes, sir.’ And just sitting there and just talking and just his recall from things 15 years ago, the only reason why we don’t go through more information is because he’s having to slow down so you understand what he’s saying.”


The second-year head coach at Nebraska even went as far as to call Belichick a “savant” while pointing out that he’s gathered all that knowledge from seeing football from all kinds of different perspectives.

“You have this man who’s a savant. He’s been a defensive coordinator. He’s been a special teams coordinator. He can be an offensive coordinator. He’s been a head coach, twice. He’s been GM. And he’s talking about football in a way that just illuminates things and makes things so simple that you’re like, ‘Oh, my goodness.'”

There aren’t many people out there that see football the way that Belichick does, and if he’s embarrassing Power Five head coaches with his prowess, that speaks volumes to someone like myself.

Nebraska will hit the field for their spring game on April 27 and will begin their 2024 season with a home tilt against UTEP on August 31.

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