EA Sports College Football 25: Everything We Know So Far

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EA Sports College Football 25 is the most anticipated sports video game of all time and is set to release in the summer of 2024. After a decade-long hiatus, college football fans will finally have a new game to sit down and experience with their friends, playing as their favorite teams and competing against one another.

The last iteration of a college football video game, NCAA Football 14, is still played and maintained by a strong community of fans who have loved and nurtured the game over the last several years, going as far as to modify the game files to release an updated “CFB Revamped” re-skin of the original game.

However, getting a completely new title with updated graphics, game modes, rosters, and connectivity is almost something out of a dream, yet it is just on the horizon. Perhaps it feels so unreal because there hasn’t been much confirmed information released yet. With the game likely set to release in July, there are just five months left before we will get our hands on the new release, but what should we expect?


What do we know about the game as of mid-February, and what are only rumors? I’ve taken the time to compile it all in one place for you, and here it is.

When Will EA Sports’ College Football 25 be released?

(UPDATED: APRIL 10, 2024)

According to Matt Brown, publisher of Extra Points, EA Sports has an internal tentative release date set for July 19, 2024.

EA Sports has not confirmed the release date yet, but Brown’s sources are from inside Electronic Arts, so there’s plenty of reason to believe the report.

Brown also reported that the tentative date for a full reveal is currently set for May 16, which could also serve as the day we get a concrete release date.


Which Schools are Going to be in the Game?

(UPDATED: FEB 22, 2024)

EA Sports confirmed on Thursday, February 22, that all 134 FBS programs will be in the game at launch, including the newest additions to that level of football (i.e., Kennesaw State, Sam Houston, Appalachian State, etc.).

Will NIL Be in the Game at Launch?

(UPDATED: March 4, 2024)

Nearly 90% of all college football players have signed and agreed to terms to have their name, image and likeness used in EA Sports College Football 25.

“The response to the athlete opt-in opportunity for EA Sports College Football 25 has been phenomenal,” Daryl Holt, senior vice president and group general manager for EA Sports, told ESPN in a statement. “In the little over one week, over 10,000 athletes across the FBS have opted-in to the offer with more saying ‘yes’ every hour. We’re excited to welcome more athletes in the weeks ahead and to debut this first class of athletes in the game when it launches this summer.”


Will EA Sports’ College Football 25 Be a Madden Re-Skin?

(UPDATED: FEB 22, 2024)

UPDATE: According to several sources, including ESPN, EA’s newest game will look and feel completely different from what we’ve seen in recent years with Madden. Despite the game being built on the same engine as Madden, College Football 25 was built from scratch, with 134 unique college football stadiums, teams, uniforms, playbooks, and programs.

EA has collected thousands of assets from schools nationwide over the past three years to build a completely new game.

College Football 25 and Madden are both built on EA’s Frostbite game engine and are both football simulation video games from EA Sports, but that’s about where the similarities end. One of the biggest things that Madden struggles with is a lack of depth and detail.

That was never an issue in past versions of the college football game. The fans in the stands, mascots on the sidelines, and in-game blurbs from Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit made the entire thing come together, and that is the expectation with this version of the game as well. Furthermore, just because Frostbite is being used to build both of these games doesn’t mean they’ll suffer from the same gameplay issues. If anything, College Football 25 will be a much better-polished product after the game engine’s bugs have been worked out in Madden.

The teams building College Football 25 and Madden 25 are not remotely the same, and that’s certainly worth noting.

Assuming that the game will suffer from the same wonky physics, bad defensive AI, and shallow game modes that Madden does would be selling this relaunched series short before it even arrives, especially when some of folks building the game are the same ones that showed so much passion and support while creating College Football Revamped.

What Game Modes Will Be in EA Sports College Football 25?

Three game modes have been confirmed in College Football 25:

Dynasty Mode allows the user to take control of their favorite team and serve as the athletic director, coaches, and on-field players all at once. From hitting the recruiting trail and setting up schedules and conference affiliations to setting a depth chart and throwing the winning touchdown in overtime, you’ll have full control of your favorite program in Dynasty Mode.

Road to Glory – a popular game mode in previous games that allowed the user to create a player at the high school level and play through their final season of high school football. Scholarship offers from programs would come for those who performed well enough, and eventually, you would have to pick a school to attend. From there, the user would have to progress their player through the hierarchy of a college football roster, from a bench player to the all-star of the team.

Ultimate Team – A game mode included in NCAA Football 14, MUT is a point of contention with Madden users all over the world. The pay-to-play feel of opening card packs to try and assemble a team full of legends is easily frustrating for people who’ve already spent $70 to get the game. In this version of Ultimate Team, there’s hope that a different approach will be used, but the basis of the game mode remains the same: earning or unlocking players, both past and present, to assemble the best roster possible.

It is safe to assume exhibition mode will be in the game as well. There have been hints at Mascot Mode being included as well, but nothing has been confirmed.

What is EA Doing to Make This Game Feel Like College Football?

(UPDATED: APRIL 10, 2024)

Kirk Herbstreit recently confirmed that EA Sports will implement multiple broadcasts in the game, allowing different combinations of analysts to call certain games.

“It’s tedious work, but I enjoy it because the finished product comes out it’ll be a lot of fun,” Herbstreit says of working on College Football 25. “There’s a variety of voices–in the past there’s always been just the same two or three people calling every game. Now, I think there’s going to be different broadcast booths for different types of games that you play in. So, that’ll be kind of a different wrinkle.

“I think it comes out in July, but yeah, it’s work that we usually do two or three hours at a time, and I’ve got a bunch still to go.”

Five current or former ESPN college football personalities have confirmed that they will be in College Football 25:

EA Sports has painstakingly collected assets from schools all over the country to try and create the most authentic college football experience ever captured in a video game.

Schools have been sharing assets with EA Sports in order to give developers what they need to make every game day environment feel authentic.

Some assets that have been widely discussed are:

  • Detailed photos of team stadiums, entrance tunnels, and locker rooms to make each gameday experience feel authentic and unique
  • A detailed list of audio assets (complete thread from Extra Points), like pregame songs, fan chants, songs between 3rd and 4th quarter, audio for 3rd down situations, etc.
  • Helmet logos and stickers, along with where stickers are added and why they’re added throughout the season.
  • School history, such as rivals, rivalry trophies, team history, trophy cases, sponsors, etc.

The play styles we see in college football playbooks will also be captured in the game, as the wide array of offensive and defensive schemes we see in real-world college football will be present in the video game version as well.

On top of that, ESPN’s College Gameday crew and even some personalities outside of Gameday are working with EA Sports to be in the game, meaning that features like the Gameday Picks, ESPN’s bottom line, and other features that help to create an immersive experience for the user.

If EA Sports can combine all of the features and feelings that they’re striving to put in this game, they’ll have a lot of happy fans come July.

Will The Transfer Portal and Expanded Playoff Be in the Game?

(UPDATED: APRIL 10, 2024)

The Transfer Portal, in all of its insane and chaotic glory, will be a part of College Football 25. In Matt Brown’s most recent newsletter, he announced that developers have even had to make tweaks to the game’s logic when it comes to players transferring. After multiple states sued the NCAA for trying to limit the number of times a player could transfer, the rules have changed, and players can now transfer multiple times without having to sit out a year.

He also goes on to say that EA has had to tweak things to find a balance between realism and fun when it comes to the portal. If it were real-life, we’d never be able to keep top-shelf athletes at our surging MAC dynasty. So, the development team is figuring that part out.

Which Bowl Games Will Be in the Game?

(UPDATED: APRIL 10, 2024)

Every licensed college football bowl game will be a part of College Football 25. However, bowl games that aren’t played in college or NFL stadiums will be played in “generic” stadiums, as the process of rendering stadiums is very time-consuming and tedious.

Who Will Be the Cover Athlete for College Football 25?

There is no definitive answer to this yet, but we should learn something in the coming weeks.

There are quite a few rumored candidates out there, such as Sheduer Sanders or another prominent player who will be active in the 2024 season. However, Nick Saban has been floated out there, as has been the Heisman winners from 2014-2023.

So the answer, at least for now, is anyone’s guess.

What Console(s) Will the Game Be Available On?

EA Sports College Football 25 will be available on PlayStation 5 and the XBOX Series X/S. It has not been confirmed whether the title will be available to players on PC, but it appears that the answer is leaning towards no at launch.

With Madden and FIFA both being cross-platform, it is expected that the new game will be cross-platform compatible, but cross-play has not been confirmed as of mid-April.

Will Real-Life Coaches Be in the Game?

No, real-life coaches will not be a part of College Football 25 at launch, although EA did say that they’ve looked into expanding on that front in future versions of the game.

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