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EA Sports Sets Tentative Release Date College Football 25: Report

EA Sports College Football 25 Logo with renderings in background.

College football fans can hardly stand the anticipation for EA Sports College Football 25, which has been set for a July 2024 release for some time.

For months, information on the upcoming game has slowly trickled out, leaving fans dying for one more bit of information: one more screenshot, one more teaser trailer, one more report.

Much of the information we’ve been getting has come from Matt Brown, publisher of the Extra Points newsletter. Over the last few years, Brown has been the most reliable source of info on the game and has developed some great connections with the folks behind the curtain at EA Sports.


In his latest newsletter, Brown provided a tentative answer to the question that so many of us have been asking: When is the College Football 25 release date?

“After speaking to multiple people with knowledge of the project at the company, I can report that a tentative target date shared internally is, in fact, July 19,” Brown writes. “Additionally, the tentative target date for the May reveal, I’m told, is May 16.”

He then stresses that the dates, while exciting, are 100% tentative.


“I’m sure some clout-seeking social media aggregator is going to strip away this context, but let me be very clear about this. These are not completely official dates. They are tentative dates, and those who have followed the development of this project closely know that dates and plans can change quickly with EA, just like they did with the national championship game and the rollout of various “In The Game” social graphics.”

An officially licensed college football video game hasn’t been released since July 9, 2013, so seeing a date that people can start a countdown to is pretty exciting, even if it is tentative.

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