What-If Wednesday: Scott Drew Leaves Baylor, Transfer Portal Chaos Ensues, Gundy’s Home Sale

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Welcome to our newest feature, which we’re calling “What-If Wednesday.” In this column, I’ll propose a handful of questions that, at this point, have not come to fruition. But IF they do, what will come out of it? What’s the end game?

Join us for this one, and let’s have some fun.


What if Scott Drew does leave for Kentucky?

Then, there will have to be some grace for Scott Drew, if he decides to leave, because we know it won’t be easy for him.

Something our own lead basketball writer Matthew Postins wrote on our Heartland College Sports forums this week stuck with me. He noted, “When he arrived at Baylor he said he wanted to win a national championship there. We all laughed. Baylor won a national title. Mission accomplished.

When you do what you set out to do, you have two choices, really — keep doing it where you’re doing it or seek a new challenge? I think that’s what this decision will come down to for Drew. The money, the facilities, the NIL will be basically the same (Kentucky is behind on NIL but a new hire will force them to catch up fast). There’s a ton more pressure at Kentucky, too.”

John Calipari basically told The Athletic this week that he thinks he stuck around Lexington too long. I don’t believe Scott Drew’s approach is getting stale in Waco. It’s a different animal than Kentucky and he has a lot going for him.

But maybe he’s up for a new challenge. That’s not impossible. And if it is, Baylor will have a great replacement hire. I’m confident in that. However, I think he will ultimately stay at Baylor.


What if the transfer portal is absolute chaos?

Then, maybe, just maybe, this will be the insanity we need to get some guard rails on NIL, the transfer portal and the state of college sports.

Josh Pate recently addressed this on his show, saying, “I’m not overstating this: It will be the wildest transfer portal era that you’ve ever seen. And it’s gonna completely gut some of your teams.”

We trust Josh. He’s a great guy and has the pulse as to what’s going on across the college football landscape.

If he’s right, then this might get coaches, administrators, state politicians and more to step to the plate and realize this needs change. Whether it’s a governing body (preferred) or federal law (less preferred), something will need to be done.

And if these next few weeks become an utter disaster, maybe it’s what we all need. Just rip the Band-Aid off and let’s get this fix. ASAP.


What If Heartland College Sports could buy Mike Gundy’s mansion?

Then we would have the biggest bangers in the Big 12.

Every home game in Stillwater would start with a party at Gundy’s home, which is currently listed for sale. 14,000 square feet. 100+ acres. Pool. Pond. Movie theatre.

Man, life would be good for the HCS after parties in Stillwater.

And by the way, Derek Duke would not make it out alive after our Week 1 party.

Now I’m having long-term visions of HCS party homes in every Big 12 college town. But if I keep day-dreaming like that, I won’t do the work that needs to be done this afternoon. So I’ll leave it there. And if you want to back us for Gundy’s house, DM us immediately.

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