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Bill Self Provides an Update on Johnny Furphy and Hunter Dickinson’s NBA Draft Decision

Kansas Basketball: Hunter Dickinson

As Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks attack the transfer portal this offseason in hopes of improving the roster from 2023-24, fans continue to wonder about the status of two big names in Lawrence.

Two critical pieces of the Jayhawks squad last season were freshman phenom Johnny Furphy and senior center Hunter Dickinson. Both Furphy and Dickinson are reported to be considering the NBA Draft as an option, which would leave Bill Self two major roster spots to fill this offseason.


Self was asked at a recent Kansas basketball event if there was any urgency in getting answers from Furphy and Dickinson, which prompted an update on the return process for both stars.

“I think there’s urgency to know what they’re going to do, but I don’t think so,” Self said. “They’ll make their announcements when the time’s right, but I think we know enough to work around the little bit that we know, but it just hasn’t become public yet.”

While fans of the Jawhawks may not know where things stand with Furphy and Dickinson, that hasn’t stopped Self from hitting the portal hard. The Jayhawks have already picked up commitments from two guards this offseason, with Florida transfer Riley Kugel and South Dakota State transfer Zeke Mayo electing to transfer to Kansas.

With two key members of the team considering moving on from Kansas, Bill Self will have some options available for replacement should either player enter the draft.

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