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HCS Exclusive Interview: UCF Outfielder Matt Prevesk

While they may be the new kids on the block in the Big 12, the UCF Knights have wasted no time finding success on the baseball diamond.

They are currently the highest-ranked team in the conference. One of the big reasons the Knights have been so successful so far is the play of outfielder Matt Prevesk.

The junior out of Apopka, Florida, is leading the team in batting average (.365) and has really had a breakout year.

I had the chance to talk with Matt about the team’s success, his approach to the plate, and much more right here.


How did you get into baseball?

“Honestly, it was just my mom trying to get me to do something because I had so much energy as a kid. Baseball is the first thing she put me in, and I just fell in love with it from there.”

You transferred to UCF from Florida. What was that transition like for you?

“I was just honestly looking for a new opportunity. I wanted to go to another program with more opportunities and a place to call home, and that was UCF.”

Coming from the SEC to the Big 12, what have you noticed about this conference so far?

“I have noticed that the talent caliber is the same. There are always teams here that can beat you on any given day.”


What is head coach Rich Wallace like?

“He’s a great guy all around. Personally, he is always around every single thing we do. He’s watching us hit, he hits ground balls to us and he’s always teaching us something new every day. He’s a great coach.”

How have you guys been able to win four straight series after getting swept by OU to open Big 12 play?

“After that Oklahoma series, it was kind of tough. We were just figuring out who we were as a team, and coming home from that series, we realized that that wasn’t us a team, and we knew that we could play better baseball than that, and we just kept working hard.”

What’s the secret to batting .365?

“Make hard contact and put it in play. One of the biggest things I have emphasized is just to have good at bats no matter the result. That’s the one thing I have really focused on.”


What would it mean to get UCF back to the postseason for the second time in 10 years?

“It would mean a lot to this program. It means a lot to recruits because they can see this program back on the map and realize that this program is going to be good for a while.”

Rapid Fire

Do you have any superstitions or a pre-game ritual?

“Not really. I like to chill out and get my mind right with some music. I like to keep a simple routine.”

What kind of music?

“I listen to country or rap depending on who we are playing. Just whatever to keep my mind right.”

Favorite MLB team?

“Personally, I don’t have one, but I have been to some MLB parks, and I would probably go with the Pittsburgh Pirates because their park is the nicest I have been to so far.”

Favorite MLB player?

“Mike Trout, for sure.”

Toughest pitcher you have faced this season?

“Cole Wisenbaker from Kansas State.”

Favorite place to eat in Orlando?

“I am a big Olive Garden guy so I would have to go with Olive Garden.”

What’s the order there?

“The seafood alfredo.”

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