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Postscripts: Scott Drew Stays, Houston Reloads, Big 12 Officiating Changes

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This week, a look back at our new favorite Waco restaurant, Big 12 officiating gets a boost (maybe), Houston is running it back and a certain Red Raider has a shot at a green jacket.


The Mexican Restaurant That Saved Baylor Basketball

That may be overstating it, but no single restaurant in a college town may benefit from this extraordinary coaching carousel moment than the Mi Casita on Hewitt in Waco.

I wrote about the insanity on Wednesday as Kentucky’s coaching search nearly swallowed up Baylor coach Scott Drew. It was a search that some thought was already wrapped up. As Drew’s family was in Lexington checking things out, Drew, well, you know what he was doing.

While Drew got some cookies from The Magnolia Market out of the deal (Chip Gaines had a good day on Wednesday, too), Mi Casita got an enormous publicity bump out of it.

TV stations came by for interviews.

Some fans went by the table to take a photo. Some fans who couldn’t get there got creative with Photoshop.


Drew and Mi Casita got the meme treatment.

Baylor basketball’s socials got in on the act.

Some clamored for the booth to get the “Obama-Bourdain” treatment.

Finally, Mi Casita did the only thing it could do.

Our Pete Mundo went to video with respect for Drew’s decision, too.

If Kentucky can’t lure Drew and his family away from Waco, then nothing will. He’s a lifer. He bleeds green and gold.

And now he’s probably gonna get free Mi Casita for life.

See, some people play checkers and some people play chess, you know what I mean?



You know them, you love (to hate) them. They’re Big 12 basketball officials. Well, not exactly. The Big 12 doesn’t actually have “officials.” They pull officials from consortiums. And, earlier this week, the Big 12 made a move.

Earlier this week the Big Sky, Big West, Western Athletic, and West Coast Conferences, which were part of the Western Basketball Officiating Consortium, joined with the Big 12 and the Missouri Valley men’s basketball officiating consortium to form the Collegiate Officiating Consortium – MBB.

This consortium is where the Big 12 will pull officials from starting next season.

Per the release, “These additions will create a deep officiating pool of the top basketball officials in the country. Additionally, the COC-MBB will create a robust and diverse pipeline for the development of officials through extensive training and education. The COC-MBB will also introduce travel efficiencies for officials, affording them the opportunity to work multiple games in the same region.”

Here’s the fun part. Remember John Higgins, one of those on-court refs you loved to hate? Well he runs the consortium. He won’t be on the court, but he’ll be the Coordinator of Officials.

When we talked with commissioner Brett Yormark last month in Kansas City, he admitted that basketball officiating had some issues last season and hoped to address that. I’m not sure if this is how he’s addressing it or if this is the first step in addressing it.  

But, for more than a decade the Big 12 has been part of a consortium overseen by Curtis Shaw, a consortium that oversaw officiating for the Big 12, the Ohio Valley, Conference USA and the Southland.

This move probably means we’ll see Higgins at media day in October in Kansas City. And I can start using my favorite GIF again.


Houston’s All In

The Houston Cougars men’s basketball team looks stacked for next year. If you’ve been following their socials the past couple of weeks it’s been a wave of “Let’s Run it Back” photo cards from Ja’Vier Francis, LJ Cryer, Emanuel Sharp and J’Wan Roberts, just to name a few.

The only two Cougars that appear to be out the door are Jamal Shead, who is deservedly headed to the NBA but did have a waiver to use, and Damian Dunn, who is in the transfer portal. The Cougars, in an era of player portability, have four starters returning.

Now, the Cougars need a point guard. They are reportedly hosting Oklahoma guard Milos Uzan. He might be perfect. The Cougars have scorers and Uzan doesn’t need to score to make an impact.

The reality is it could be someone else. As good as Houston was this past season, and as good as it could be next season, one or two more impact players — one in the frontcourt and one in the backcourt — makes them absolutely dangerous next season.

Welcome to the party, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah. The Pac-12 was better last season but you’re not in the Pac-12 anymore.

Watch The Masters On Sunday

Former Texas Tech golfer Ludwig Aberg more than held his own in the third round of the Masters, his first event at Augusta National as a pro. Aberg finished in fourth place at 4-under after a 2-under 70 on Saturday. He will play in the second-to-last group with Max Homa.

It could be a fun Sunday to be a Red Raider.

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