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Pete Mundo on Spring Portal Craziness: ‘We Need This’

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With the college football transfer portal continuing to reach new levels of chaos on a daily basis, fans, coaches, players, and personalities everywhere are discussing the best way to get things back under control.

In a recent video from Heartland College Sports’ Pete Mundo, Mundo discussed the possibility of the spring transfer portal window featuring so many ludicrous moves that individuals are forced to make foundational changes regarding the future of the sport.


“This is going to be the most chaotic two weeks that we have ever seen in college football, and it’s exactly what we need,” Mundo said. According to all the folks in the know, the national people, it is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It is going to be crazy, stunning, chaotic, and sending fans into an absolute tizzy. To me, that’s what we need. We need this system to break, and we need it to break right now.”

Starting on Tuesday, the spring transfer portal window will open up, and many are projecting this two-week stretch to be the most chaotic in college football history. With inconsistencies in playtime, NIL allocation, and resources at different universities, fans are expecting to witness the mass exodus resulting from a broken system.

Mundo finished his thoughts by saying, “If the next two weeks go like we expect, this thing could really break. And we need it to happen, by the way. I want the next two weeks to be absolutely hideous. I want the next two weeks to be absolutely horrendous because if not, it’s not going to change anytime soon. We’re going to have this drip-drip-drip of a system, and everyone’s going to complain, but nothing is going to happen.”

The transfer portal remains open until Tuesday, April 30th, and will likely see a record number of portal entries among athletes departing in the spring.

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