Transfer Portal Chaos is Coming in College Football: Let’s Break the System

Nov 11, 2023; Fort Worth, Texas, USA; A view of the big 12 logo during the game between the TCU Horned Frogs and the Texas Longhorns at Amon G. Carter Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Starting on Tuesday, the spring transfer portal window will open up and many are projecting this two-week stretch to be the most chaotic in college football history. There are expectations that some huge names could end up making moves out of their current programs. This will leave openings that teams will then look to fill elsewhere.

This could have impacts on several Big 12 teams. The SEC has already set up a rule that requires a player to sit out one season if they transfer within the SEC. So where are SEC teams going to start looking? Likely the Big Ten or the Big 12. However, Big Ten teams are likely, in many cases, to have the NIL money they need to keep the players they want to keep. The Big 12? Maybe not as much.


The Big 12 is primed to be poached by the the SEC or Big Ten in the days ahead. I don’t want it, but I am prepared for it. And I also fear the ACC could suffer the same fate. Meantime, it’s also not impossible for the SEC and Big Ten to begin poaching from each other.

But regardless, if the next two weeks turn into a chaotic bloodbath, it will be the best thing to happen to the sports.

A Broken System

Rather than the drip, drip, drip approach that we have experienced in recent months and years around the transfer portal and Name, Image, Likeness, we need this system to suffer such turmoil these next two weeks that it completely breaks.

Nothing else is going to solve this. If we don’t get chaos, we will continue on with the statuesque, and it’s not healthy for the sport moving forward.


It’s not about players not getting paid or being against player mobility, but what we have right now is an unsustainable model. A player can transfer from School A to School B in December and leave for School C in April before playing a snap, while also potentially collecting NIL monies from hardworking fans who are already ponying up for tickets, parking, concessions and donations to the University. Now, hand over some more money for the NIL Collective. It’s gotten beyond ridiculous. And what’s your return? You may not even see these players take a snap for your beloved team.

You can be pro-player, while also admitting the system needs much better guardrails. NIL began as an opportunity for a star player to land a deal with a local car dealer. Now, it’s just about collecting a check. The fecklessness of the NCAA allowed us to get to this point, and now it’s time to swing the pendulum back to the middle.


If It Gets Ugly

If the next two weeks turn out how many project them to, then we will hopefully see the power players across the college sports landscape come together and admit that enough is enough. The system is broken and a better, unified model is needed for protection of all involved with the sport.

It’s the biggest reason why I want to see a two weeks of pure upheaval, because it’s the only thing I fear will get people to the table to fix it. Anything short of that will allow those to continue on with the statuesque.

So now, we wait. And we see how this week plays out.

And while I understand many of you praying your team doesn’t get poached, it might be what we all need to finally wake up. Consider it a sacrificial lamb moment, and yes, just hope your team is not one of them.

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