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Look: UCF QB KJ Jefferson Arrested in Arkansas on Wednesday

KJ Jefferson Mugshot

There’s all kinds of buzz about what the 2024 season could look like for UCF after the Knights added Arkansas transfer QB KJ Jefferson, among several other impact players.

However, some news on Wednesday gave pause to some of the excitement for Knights’ fans.

That’s because Jefferson was arrested and booked in Fayetteville, Arkansas, on Wednesday, and his mugshot is now making its rounds on social media.


While it seemed like a major issue for the new UCF quarterback, it appears this really isn’t the problem it appears to be.

According to UCF insider Brandon Helwig, this was something that the Knights have been aware of for some time.

The arrest is connected to a misdemeanor traffic violation that allegedly occurred in May of 2023 and has only recently come to the surface. Helwig reports that a mutual understanding was reached between Jefferson and officials that he would return to Arkansas and face the charges against him after UCF’s spring game. And don’t worry, it doesn’t appear that this will have any effect on his standing with the Knights.


“[I] Don’t have all the details, but this is just the beginning of the formal process, which will include a plea agreement and community service,” Helwig said on Twitter.

“UCF has been aware of this and knew this would come out at some point this week. This will not impact his status at UCF.”

In addition to Helwig’s report, he also shared a statement from UCF head coach Gus Malzahn.

“I have been fully aware of this situation that took place in May 2023 prior to his arrival at UCF. Since KJ has been here, he’s been a great leader and an exemplary member of our program.”

Deep breath, UCF fans. This appears to be a non-issue, but anytime your starting quarterback’s mughsot starts getting shared on the internet, it’s certainly something to look into.

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