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NCAA to Allow Unlimited Transfers for Athletes Who Meet Academic Standards

Inside NCAA Headquarters located in Indianapolis on Friday, March 10, 2023.

As expected, the NCAA Division I Council has voted to adopt emergency legislation that will allow for a new transfer rule to be implemented in college athletics going forward.

The new rule, which has been temporarily in place since December, will allow all undergraduate athletes to transfer and play immediately at their new school, as long as the meet academic requirements.


Before, undergraduate athletes had to be granted a waiver from the NCAA to be immediately eligible after transferring a second time, and without one, would have to sit a year. Now, that rule is history, and so too is any order of how things used to be.

“Council changes transfer rules, permits immediate eligibility for transfers who are academically eligible/in good standing at prev. school & meet progress-toward-degree requirements at new school,” NCAA News announced on Twitter. “Decision not final until meeting ends Thurs, must be ratified by DI Board Monday.

“Academic requirements will replace previous year-in-residence requirement for student-athletes transferring more than once as undergraduates.”


This new rule, in layman’s terms, allows for unlimited and penalty-free transfers for players who meet academic requirements. If an athlete is passing classes, he or she can transfer to another school and be eligible immediately.

The ruling will go final on Monday, but with the temporary orders already in place, the way things are right now is how the transfer portal will look going forward.

Some major changes will need to be made to restore order and balance in college athletics, as the NCAA has completely lost any control it had over the system we currently operate under. As far as the NCAA is concerned, athletes can transfer as much as they want, wherever they want, for any reason they want, and for as much money as they want. That’s a problem.

So, buckle up, ladies and gentlemen. If you think it was crazy before, just wait and see how things look under the current rules, well, whatever.

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