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HCS Exclusive Interview: West Virginia Third Baseman Reed Chumley

If you take a look at the Big 12 baseball standings, you will see that West Virginia is in first place with a conference record of 11-5. The Mountaineers are currently just one of two Big 12 teams ranked inside the top 25. One of the reasons behind West Virginia’s success has been the play of third baseman Reed Chumley. The senior from Cypress, Texas, has been playing great this year, and I got the chance to talk with Reed about his team’s success, his secret at the plate, and much more right here. 

How did you get into baseball?

“My dad got me into baseball when I was around four. Ever since he got me into the game, I have worked hard. That is something he instilled in me at a young age. The earliest moment that I can remember is him coaching me and pushing me early on.”


How did you end up at West Virginia?

I had played in a draft league the past two summers. One of the teams in the league is called the Black Bears, and their home field is West Virginia. I ended up going from last in the league in all hitting stats to first in the league in one year. I went back to the draft league, and that year, West Virginia had their eyes on a third baseman, and I just so happened to be playing at a place where all their coaches were in town. I got a chance to visit and check out the facilities, and at first, I wasn’t sure about it being so far away from home, but it felt like home and so family-oriented that I felt comfortable coming here.

Coming in from a smaller school, what is one thing you have noticed about the Big 12?

“For sure, the caliber of play. Every position on the field that a team rolls out is next level for everyone playing in the Big 12. It’s Power Five Baseball. I was coached by a couple of former big leaguers at Houston Christian, and they molded me into the hitter that I am and helped me develop skills that I was weak in. So, the adjustment for me wasn’t that big of a jump but you can definitely see the level of pitching and the level of play up tenfold whenever I first started playing.”


Right now, you are batting .318 with 10 HR and a 1.099 OPS. What has been your secret to success at the plate?

“There was an adjustment period for me, but when I settled in, I told myself that you are in the right spot and just trust your swing and level of play. You are here for a reason. That really helped me stay calm and ultimately helped me just trust myself no matter what happens. After that I feel like I just settled in and just focused on baseball and nothing else.

How did it feel to hit that walk-off home run against UCF last weekend?

“I have never hit a walk-off before in my entire life. When I first hit it, I didn’t know that it was gone. Everyone else knew, but I didn’t. I hit it hard, and I barreled it, but I felt like it was going to hit off the wall, so I was hauling myself to first, but once I saw it go over, it was just pure joy. Everything that I have been through in my life, from going to JUCO to a mid-major to here, was just a really special moment, and my dad and my girlfriend were here for it. It was just a really special moment. It was an unreal feeling to celebrate that with my team.”

What is it like playing with JJ Wetherholt?

“JJ is not your typical number one overall pick guy. Usually, those kinds of guys are cocky and arrogant, but JJ is probably one of the best teammates I have ever been around. He makes sure that everybody is involved in everything that we do. He brings the team together, keeps things loose on the field, and he works extremely hard at what he does. He means a lot to everyone on this team.”


Randy Mazey announced he’ll retire at the end of the season; what is he like as a head coach?

“Coach Mazey is probably the best head coach I have ever had. He loves and cares for all his players, whether they are playing or not. He makes sure everyone is in a good headspace before games, and he doesn’t just care about winning. He cares about the person you are and who you need to become as a man. He’s changed West Virginia baseball over the years from where it once was. That’s all credit to him. He wants to give everything he has to this game, and he means the world to baseball in general. Baseball needs more guys like him.

Rapid Fire

Do you have any superstitions or have a pregame ritual?

“I have an extremely strong faith in Jesus Christ. I walk down to the right or left field line depending on which side we are on, and I go to the corner of the field, and I say my prayer before every game.”

Favorite MLB team?

“Being from the Houston area, it has to be the Astros.”

Favorite MLB player?

“I really like Nolan Arenado and how he plays defense. I really pride myself on playing defense, and I really like watching him play.”

Toughest pitcher you have faced this season?

“I would have to go with Carson Benge from Oklahoma State. He’s a really good player, and he’s got really good stuff.

Favorite place to eat in Morgantown?

“I would go with Colasante’s and Oliverio’s. Two Italian restaurants that are really good.”

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