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Colts GM on Adonai Mitchell’s Character Concerns: ‘That is Such Bull****’

While Texas wide receiver Adonai Mitchell fell to the second round of the 2024 NFL Draft, Chris Ballard and the Indianapolis Colts were thrilled to see him on the board at No. 52.

Ballard made the choice to select Mitchell, and in his post-draft press conference, when asked about some possible character concerns regarding the former Longhorn, Ballard shut that conversation down quickly.


“I read some of the bull**** that was said on the, typically unnamed sources, bad interview, that is such bull****,” Ballard said. “I mean, it f****** is. It’s bull****. Put your name on it. We tear these young men down, these are 22 to 21-year-old men, and if people out there can tell me that they are perfect in their lives, it’s crap.”

While some players are marked with possible character concerns heading into the draft, it appears that Mitchell passed the Colts’ evaluation with flying colors. On the field, Mitchell has developed into one of college football’s best receivers. The Tennessee native posted 55 grabs for 845 yards and 11 scores in his lone season with the Longhorns.

Ballard wrapped up his thoughts by saying, “This is a good kid. And for those reports to come out, I said it last year, it’s bull****. I apologize for the language. I don’t, but I do.”

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