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This week, it’s the NFL Draft, the new NCAA waiver rule and the Big 12 ups its transfer game.

And, my apologies for my absence last Sunday. I was in Atlanta meeting Dale Murphy.


Some Great NFL Draft Fits

I’m not talking about the clothes. I know that’s the vernacular these days. But I’m talking about players and the teams that selected them.

Start with Kansas City. To me they made two perfect Big 12 picks. The first won on Day 1 when they traded up with the Buffalo Bills (why, Buffalo, why?) to get Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy.

Perfect pick. Former Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes II needs weapons. Worthy can get vertical fast, run great routes and works well in space. As an added bonus, he doesn’t drop many passes. That was a problem in Kansas City last year, from what I hear.

Later, the Kansas City Chiefs snagged TCU tight end Jared Wiley, a player I talked to at the Big 12 Combine. The Chiefs do need to start putting together a long-term plan for life without Travis Kelce, who is now 34. This is the perfect time to do it. Kelce has a few good years left and Wiley can help take some of the load off his shoulders.


The Dallas Cowboys selected Kansas State interior lineman Cooper Beebe in the third round. As a Cowboys fan I couldn’t have been happier about that pick. You just have to watch Beebe play once to know he’s a dude. With the losses on the offensive line, Beebe can play either guard or center right away for Dallas.

Same goes for Oklahoma tackle Tyler Guyton, whom the Cowboys took in the first round. Should TCU get credit for that since he started with the Horned Frogs? Either way, Guyton will likely start with the departure of Tyron Smith to the New York Jets.

The Cowboys drafted two starters to protect quarterback Dak Prescott. Those picks where exactly what Dallas needed.

Transfer, Transfer, Transfer

So I didn’t get a chance to write about the new NCAA transfer rules last week, so here goes.

The new rule allows for student-athletes to transfer without a waiver as long as they’re making academic progress. Progress, in this case, includes leaving the previous school academically eligible and in good standing and then meeting all progress-toward-degree requirements at the new institution before competing.


So, as long as you meet the standard, you don’t need a waiver. That makes it easy for the NCAA, which has frankly struggled to keep up with the waiver situation the past few years.

We basically have unfettered free agency now, and with Name, Image and Likeness money continuing to flow, well it’s gonna get crazy out there.

For those student-athletes that want to transfer, be aware of transfer rules and credits at each school you go to. Every schools has rules on how much you can transfer, how much you have to take there and whether your first school’s Intermediate Accounting is the same as your new school’s Intermediate Accounting.

In other words, they don’t have to accept it.

Ok, NOW It’s Official

Hailey Van Lith made it official on Friday, announcing her transfer to TCU.

NOW we can start dreaming about an offense with Van Lith, Sedona Prince, Madison Conner and new transfer Maddie Scherr. There is also returning starters Agnes Emma-Nnopu and Una Jovanovic, plus another transfer, Taylor Bigby.

The Horned Frogs are going to be a lot of fun to watch next season.

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