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College Football 25 to Have Multiple Cover Athletes: Report

EA Sports College Football 25 Logo with renderings in background.

In a matter of weeks, EA Sports will announce a “full reveal” of its upcoming title, College Football 25, which we’ve been *not so* patiently waiting on for over 11 years.

The game, which is to be released in July (tentatively July 19), has been a source of chaos for the college football community. There is so much excitement and drama surrounding its release that it feels like it will never actually arrive.

But soon enough, we will get our hands on a copy of the game and experience it all firsthand. As we prepare to flip the calendar to May, we don’t really know a ton about the game. Outside of one hype trailer and some leaked images, there hasn’t been a ton of information released on the game in recent months. Heck, we don’t even know who will be on the game’s cover… yet.


At this point, Extra Points’ publisher, Matt Brown, has been the most reliable source of information on the game. On Monday morning, he dropped another piece of news that gives us some insight into what the game could look like when it drops in a couple of months.

According to Brown, EA Sports plans to announce who will be on the cover of College Football 25, and there will be “multiple cover athletes” since EA is dropping several versions of the game.

Brown also reported that “each cover athlete¬†is a current college football player who plays in a different power conference,” so former Heisman winners, mascots, and even Nick Saban being on the cover can officially be nixed from the expectations. Additionally, Brown says that all cover athletes play different positions, meaning there is just one quarterback, one running back, etc.

The vast majority of speculation around the cover athlete has fallen on quarterbacks, especially Shedeur Sanders and Quinn Ewers. However, with only one quarterback being a cover athlete, just one of those names can be an option.

With EA releasing several editions of the game, we will likely see a standard and ultimate edition, just as we do with Madden. It will be fun to see how those versions’ covers are designed, and in just a couple of weeks, we will finally get a sneak peek.

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